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  1. Most students now are able to earn their own money from this industry,. Since they can join bounty and also earn from this forum that doesn't require any skills or degree. they are actually the most luckiest generation since they started young with cryptocurrency,
  2. They will not or never talked about bitcoin, why would they? They have their own currency that they can print and control so why deal with something that they cannot even control or monopolized.
  3. $2000???? Its being traded now at $9,600 per BTC and you talking about $2k usd as price of bitcoin ๐Ÿ˜„ thats not gonna happen and even if that happens it would be just a split seconds and it will go back once again to its correction price,
  4. Well at some points its really a painful experience but you should learn from this mistake and take this as a lesson so you will not lose again or minimize the losses when trading. Just keep learning and im sure one day you will be successful
  5. It depends on your fees, the lower the fees meaning your transaction will not be prioritize by miners so you should always pay the average bitcoin fees whenever you send bitcoin to others to ensure you will get confirm on the next mined block
  6. Holding is the only way to get rich of bitcoin, See how other holders from the past and how they reap the rewards on the last bitcoin bull run in 2017. So you should be loaded by now to take advantage of the next bull run event
  7. Those restrictions are just words and nothing concrete can make bitcoin ceast to exist, They have to accept the facts that bitcoin are truly decentralized and they cannot own it and control it
  8. You need more money to control the bitcoin price and this money comes into billions of USD since you need to match the current bitcoin volume in order to hold bitcoin price depending on your liking.
  9. It depends on your luck but with house edge of 5%, Almost all users are bound to lose no matter how they play and what they strategy is. Some casino have only 1% house edge and its harder to beat the house with that rate so what more with 5%
  10. What's wrong with today's market, it goes back down again to $9500 and this is really frustrating and looks like someone is making money on these manipulation since its happening so often.
  11. No need for that, its simply spamming no matter what you call it and copy pasting are forbidden in the forum and you might get banned for doing the same offense over and over again.
  12. don't concern yourself too much with reputation,its just numbers and doesn't mean anything ๐Ÿ˜„ there are users that have multiple account and sending likes to each other even on a spammy post.
  13. Why do you need an app for? You can easily browse this forum from your mobile without any problems or issues and if you want a much more easier posting then use your desktop PC for easy posting and browsing
  14. Trading volume increases not because people are dumping their bitcoins, it happens when trading is so alive and bull and bears are fighting to get a foot hold on the market.
  15. Yes with $3 per day it can easily fund you trading account and get started with trading and grow from there. Im doing the same since with $3 i can buy atleast 800 doges that i can use to trade in doge market in yobit.
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