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  1. I use bitcoin for trading and mining. Bitcoin is very useful and expensive. That's price is very high and it’s most useful for others currency. We can easily get lot of profit from this currency.
  2. This is very effective for all of us. Thisbis very important for all of us so it’s very essential in our every day life.
  3. Mining and trading is very sensitive for all crypto members. I will prefer trading for every new members. We can easily get profit from trading. So first all guys have to need trading.
  4. Don't upset for your losses. You can get lot of profit if you work attentively. So don’t panic for your loses. I think next time you will get profit.
  5. Thanks for your advice. It will help us very much for avoid scammer. It's really help us to know about scam. I think many user will helpful for your tips.
  6. We have to use secure money wallet that's have google authentication or other security method. So hackers can't hacked our money.
  7. I don’t know actually about that. I heard about it from my friends but i'm not sure about that. May be it has on bitcoin generator. You can search them to google.
  8. I think it will helpful for our future. This is very important for us. I think it will help us very much in future.
  9. If you utilise this currency very well so you can get lot of opportunity in future. This all depend on you. I don’t know how much time they available for us. But if it’s get us some opportunity in future i think it will help you.
  10. Yes i'm also agree with you. Bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency. There are lot of coin have in digital currency. But only bitcoin hold all the reputation and values.
  11. I think this problem means they are not allowed to post this site some countries. Cause i notice that only several countries people's face this problem. So i think this is not resolved any more.
  12. I don’t think only for this reason means that cryptotalk will be end very soon. This is a minor problem of this system. I hope it will be resolve very soon.
  13. If you comment twice in same post so it will be harmful for you. Don't create multiple comment in same post. It's go against of this site rules. If you avoid this type problem so you should have follow the post very consciously.
  14. I'm also agree with you.Some members don’t know how to create useful post. So this tips will be improve their knowledge about this site.
  15. You have to create yobit account. After 100 post complete you can get payment on yobit Then you can withdraw that any wallet. You can use coinbase wallet for withdraw.
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