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  1. Arbitrage cannot be done without experience, you need to have a lot of exchanges accounts, and you need to know the time the coin to be confirmed, the fees and many more. Because you need to trade the different rates on a different exchanges. But, it's easy to look, but hard to do.
  2. The forum which is cryptotalk forum could be a good starting point to learn a lot more about cryptocurrency, especially for students who doesn't have that much time to find some good or useful guide here and there. And they can also earn a bit of money in the forum, with learning too.
  3. Bitcoin can be use everyone, even for students, and also it can help students to have a bit of some extra money, so they don't have to try hard finding a part time job, because they can just use their computer or any devices in their home.
  4. Writing every day will increase your posts count, no? You can also voicing out your opinions in your posts. Make it useful, and you'll also can get some of a good lessons from making posts or just reading others posts.
  5. Though sometimes we cannot send it, but it will fixed in a few hours, and we can send it again just alright. Don't question the forum or yobit, these two are a very great platform, and always paying.
  6. You can make posts up to 50 posts in a day. And that"s the limit that you can make in one day. But only 30 will get paid, usually people make more posts because they just feel like it to help others, or they have tons of deleted posts.
  7. Some, only some of them who are following the rules. A lot of them are still very ignorant about the rules, and just a bunch of spammers with their bad posts. I really cannot tell why they're doing everything as they wanted to, even though we are in a forum and have a rules that needs to be followed.
  8. A very good topic and also very informative. I also have a few of deleted posts, but once I try to step up my game which is making a better posts and in a good topic, the deletion reduces by itself over time.
  9. Nice points. So, the main point is stick in the beginners section if you're still a beginners, and about a topic make it friendly or easy to understand for beginners. Makes sense. The more posts you have made, must've give you a bit of knowledge too.
  10. Use the good one and popular wallet, just like coinbase or something. And instead of doing the free bitcoin kind of thing, you better make post in the forum. You can also learn because you're a newbie in crypto.
  11. It'a hard though to call airdrop a source of income. Most of them are fake and dead anyway. Now, I don't really like airdrop, because after doing their task, the coin don't have value or cannot be sell because not in any exchange.
  12. Been using ripple since a long time ago, fro trading and also for withdrawal, because it's cheap. The price is also good. The price is also increasing now, which is a very good thing.
  13. The obvious one would be the earning after the 100 posts. But the best one would be the knowledge and information from the forum. Working while learning, that's why people is fond of this forum.
  14. Almost everyday since I joined and reached the 100 posts, I've received a small daily income from the foroum. And I happy to see the other beginners are receiving their payment just fine, too. This forum is a very great forum, no doubt about it, it pays you, it really did. Now let's hope for bitcoin value to increase, so our income may increases as well. Thanks cryptotalk
  15. I don't know about such thing like career option in the forum, I mean I don't know how to be a good moderator of a forum. In crypto sector, I think I wanna be like an expert analysis of cryptocurrency movements. It sounds cool, I mean whatever we say, people will talk about our prediction, either good or the opposite. I also want to try like, becoming a community manager of some cryptocurrency projects. Where I can help others by answering their questions.
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