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  1. Arbitrage cannot be done without experience, you need to have a lot of exchanges accounts, and you need to know the time the coin to be confirmed, the fees and many more. Because you need to trade the different rates on a different exchanges. But, it's easy to look, but hard to do.
  2. Bitcoin can be use everyone, even for students, and also it can help students to have a bit of some extra money, so they don't have to try hard finding a part time job, because they can just use their computer or any devices in their home.
  3. Nice points. So, the main point is stick in the beginners section if you're still a beginners, and about a topic make it friendly or easy to understand for beginners. Makes sense. The more posts you have made, must've give you a bit of knowledge too.
  4. Use the good one and popular wallet, just like coinbase or something. And instead of doing the free bitcoin kind of thing, you better make post in the forum. You can also learn because you're a newbie in crypto.
  5. It'a hard though to call airdrop a source of income. Most of them are fake and dead anyway. Now, I don't really like airdrop, because after doing their task, the coin don't have value or cannot be sell because not in any exchange.
  6. I don't know about such thing like career option in the forum, I mean I don't know how to be a good moderator of a forum. In crypto sector, I think I wanna be like an expert analysis of cryptocurrency movements. It sounds cool, I mean whatever we say, people will talk about our prediction, either good or the opposite. I also want to try like, becoming a community manager of some cryptocurrency projects. Where I can help others by answering their questions.
  7. My country doesn't have a say in bitcoin, they're still silent with all of their own problems. So, using bitcoin is still okay in my country. It's not like they hate bitcoin, they just haven't made their laws or regulations on them. So, everything's good for now at least.
  8. Direct transfer to banks account is still not possible in yobit, but I heard that you can just convert them into USD and using some services to send them into your bank. No idea what kind of service, maybe like kind of third party services such as payeer or something or maybe coinbase.
  9. Then you can try bitcoin, if it's still ruining you mentally, then crypto trading is not your thing. I think you should find something else to do about your investment. Better than ruining yourself more and lose more too. Are you sure you're making a good trading? I mean no mistakes and all? You can minimized or prevent those mistakes and losses, though.
  10. Well, first you need money or at least a skills and knowledge about using cryptcurrency so that it can give you profits. You can either just invest on something, trading, mining, or even gambling. Pick one, and you should know how they works from inside outside. It's easy to invest you money, but making a good investment is hard,
  11. I'm actually investing my time in the forum to learn and also to earn. So, that I can have more money for my trading, a bit of additional money is always welcome for my trading. So in the forum I'm investing my time, the knowledge and earning that I got from the forum, I will use them again for trading.
  12. The only thing that I know about miners after bitcoin has been mined completely is they cannot mine bitcoin anymore. So miners either can only have income from bitcoin transactions or they need to find other coin to mine, they can also sell their mining equipment.. I believe bitcoin will ran out in 2140. So, still a hundred years and more left.
  13. I was thinking of giving my friend a crypto gift but I don't know how to do that. I mean, do I need to give them a wallet or something? Or send them some assets into their wallet? I have so many things going around in my head. So, maybe like giving them bitcoin and teach them to trading or the likes? Well, bitcoin is expensive, so a cheaper one?
  14. Well, I also lose a bit of my posts, and it seems like it has become a thing in the forum, where tons of posts were missing. You can make them again though, but next time make sure to pick a good topic and your post is good too, so it will not be deleted again and you don't need to make more posts again in the future. Happy posting, I guess? Well, also I have also lost a few of my posts, just a few ones though. But it's rarely happened to me.
  15. I like invest in bitcoin more than other country's currency such as USD or other. Because in cryptocurrency we have a lot of different kind of coins and different use also prices too. So, it's easy too look for one that is the best for our investments. And yobit investbox, I heard that it's a good investments, and we can choose the coin as we like and also cancel them anytime, too. That's amazing, I think.
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