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  1. Well I would like to say that prices of bitcoin are depend upon the demand and supply in the market. i f demand increase by many people to but the coin then process increase and when many people sale bitcoin then prices go down .
  2. yes I agree it feels me hurt when I also listen some people consider it as gambling but I think these are those people who are of average mind , they dont know the problems if crypto business.i always discussed these thing to my senior colleague to keep my moral up.
  3. yes I agree with youm these are secret kesy to become a successful trader in this buisnessm every one if want to become successful trader must adopt these qualities.
  4. yes I agree bitcoin wallet is a great ides for bitcoin for the owner.there are many kinds of wallet mentioned here. we can use them to keep safe our bitcoins.
  5. Yes I agree now a days people using crypti talk both for Crypto currency and gain knowledgeability. for this there arecmany apps now inline.
  6. i will say yes. Crypto currencies price will be affected with the outside negative has a short term impact on that time investors become afraid and prices go go down all the way.
  7. Well I agree to keep safe bitcoin from hacker ,we must have trusted hardware wallet instead of online wallet. if you want online wallets then coinbase wallet and blockchain wallets are more secure wallets.
  8. Yes I agree I have also seen many companies accepting bitcoin now. which is a good news for Crypto traders. it will give huge boost to more investors will come toward bitcoin and bitcoins price will increase more.
  9. Well if I got 1000$ then I would like to invest in Crypto business with bitcoin with 500$ and then see the market. I want to get more profit from my invested amount.then releating this process and getting more profit. after huge earning, then I will fulfil my life necessities.
  10. yes I agree as a cyrpto talk community member I will say that every one here is to talk about new things about the forum . there is no other forum which pays for senior experts must need to share their experience and new and beginners must learn from their experiencs and new members need to share their lesson to new commers. and so on.
  11. yes i agree in the start of new year btc price almost near to 10k$ and the ways its going high. I hope it will cross 11k and in the last of this year it will reach to 15k$ .best of luck for all.
  12. Yes in trading we have to first understand trading market ,here prices always fluctuate .we have to learn how to trade with right coin at right time to trade. for this we have to be patienc. not always that's the way we can make huge profit from this market
  13. yes I agree. its the beauty of trading that here prices are volatile some time goes up and at the same after some days it goes that time those trader who understand the market nature and be patienc they can take advantage to avoid loss factor.
  14. yes holding coin is good plan to get more need patience .no worry .if prices are high 4x time then you can sell and get profit on them.
  15. yes I will suggest you to start with small amount then get your profit try to repeat this for some time. in this way you will get experience also . after getting experience your will be more confident after that you can take risk with Hugh amount but never invest all of your capital amount.
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