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  1. You can buy either trezor or ledger nano if you want to get maximum security that is possible, and if you don't want to spend anything you can install electrum wallet which is a software wallet and has great functionality.
  2. I went through the list of supported coins on trezor and ledger nano s and both of them looks like support mots of the coins and you or anyone else should not have any problem with it.
  3. Trezor or other hardware wallets should be even mentioned more when we are talking about a secure wallet in a thread and it should be always one of our recommendations.
  4. Coinbase can be considered as a good overall wallet because it is easy to use and reasonably secure, but my best choice is trezor because it is a hardware wallet and you don't rely on 3rd party.
  5. Yes it is better use the wallet that they suggest you to use to keep their coin safe, also you can use hardware wallets for tron coin too as I see it is listed in many of them.
  6. Paypal can't even get close to any crypto future, paypal isn't even decentralized and is a totally centralized organization and they have access to your personal information.
  7. Coinbase is one of the best exchanges available and they are good to go if you want a safe wallet too, but as always I recommend hardware wallets more specially if you are holding big amount of coins.
  8. Jorondovon

    Wallet Privacy

    Online wallets are not the safest choice and they better be avoided if you want to be safe, use hardware wallets or at least software wallets which are way safer.
  9. Coinpayments is good and safe but again they are just a web wallet and so they are still exposed to a lot of online threats and so offline wallets are a better choice.
  10. My favorite ones is trezor and ledger nano and I keep both of them close and use them only for long term holdings of bitcoin which I will be keep holding untill btc gets to 20k.
  11. I used myetherwallet for some of my holdings for years without any problem with them, so if you follow the security instructions that is available on their website you will be safe.
  12. Paper wallets can be considered as the same level of security of hardware wallets, they are both offline for instance which will help them to be safer from hacks.
  13. You will get certain benefit from each one, online web wallets gives you less security but they are more easy to use and software and hardware wallet are more secure but harder to use.
  14. The best wallet for my certain use case is a hardware wallet like trezor, mainly because what I look for in a wallet these days is mostly security and nothing else.
  15. Validation for a wallet for crypto doesn't make any sense, crypto should be decentralized so the user should not be forced to do kyc process to be able to use a wallet.
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