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  1. As far as I know, if we post under off topic, Bounties section and Airdrop section, we won't get any payment and also is not counted for payment. Rest all sections are valid for payment.
  2. I don't think such act are encouraged here. The forum is very strict against the plagiarism. I think such posts will he deleted by the admins, if they found one. So all the newbies should avoid it as well, as it might get their account banned.
  3. Yeah that's the great misconception the mebers have here of getting the warning points if the topic threads gets deleted. There is nothing as such to worry about. Also admins delete the posts when it is reptive or not required.
  4. We do have such features available on the forum,but not so detailed. In any section, you can click on sort by option and get the filtered results as per your requirement, as per start date, most replies and so on.
  5. Yes, it has always been my goal to reach the highest position here on this forum. Its my every day challenge to my oneself. Keeps me going, and I can also work with full dedication.
  6. That would really be a great idea, if we have the option to pin out the best answers and reactions of the topics so that we can get right knowledge about such topics. Since many of the members read only few comments and proceed, by doing so they would get correct information.
  7. I have not experienced such a great number of decreased in number of post just a 2 to 3 posts rarely. But my friend has great number of decreased in number of posts. It was really tiring to make up to the decreased posts.
  8. Yeah. I have also noticed. But now it has come back to normal to 2 minutes. It was no doubt very frustrating to wait between 2 posts. It would hardly take 2 minutes to post a certain comment.
  9. I always have these doubt. What foes the admins or the forum consider for checking of multiple accounts? The device IP address or the network IP address ?
  10. Indeed it is a great platform for sharing our experiences with crypto. With mistakes and experience only a person learn and get both good as well bad experience. Also this platform has been a great experience for all the members who joined.
  11. The reason why I avoid making topics is the fear of getting deleted along with all other members posts. I think over the time I spend here, I will as to how to create a topic and don't get it deleted.
  12. I don't think, more languages section are required here. As per my knowledge, It would make forum more confused and lot of spamming. No doubt on other it would attract a large number of members.
  13. Elaaf


    I think it is a great idea about using Translator. That way the member can be saved from getting any warning points and also the other members would understand what he is trying to say or ask. Thought translator does not help completely but does help accurately.
  14. I don't think revenge for negative reaction should be taken by reporting or giving negative reaction in return. Rather the other person should understand as to why he got such reaction and improve his performance.
  15. There is a difference between the number of post count here on the forum and the yobit panel. As the When any posts are deleted, the yobit panel posts count decreases but the number of post count on the forum remains same.
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