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  1. There has so many wallet. Coinbase is one of the best wallet for me. Cause it's one of the most secured and useful wallet. It provides so much benefits for it's users and it's one of the most used wallet
  2. It is very much profitable.If the price of Bitcoin currency increases than it will be a great news for us. We will able to earn a lots of revenue from it. We are earning Bitcoins from here if the price rises then we will able to earn more profits from it.
  3. I also dont see.I have never seen a Bitcoin atm in my area cause Bitcoin is totally illegal in our country. So, it's impossible to have a atm in our country. If it happens in our country than it will be easier to withdraw from there.
  4. It is very much hard to identify.You have to avoid storing your passwords online. And you should avoid all the unknown links and sites. You always should be careful from scammers. They will always tries to scam you
  5. Btc is not legal in our country.There are so many countries which have legalized btc. Zurich is one of the best city for using Bitcoin. They provides ATM booth for Bitcoin
  6. Yobit is one of the best exchanger.If you want to work in this forum then you have to connect to your account in to yo bit. Yo bit is one of the best site for withdrawal revenue of crypto world. It takes a less fees for withdrawal.
  7. Bitcoin is the best coin.Bitcoin has a more brighter future in few next years. Cause day by day the price of btc is increasing rapidly. It's very interesting I think in future the price will increase a lot
  8. Crypto is a very good earning site. My life has changed after u joined here in crypto world. It's making me self employed. Now regularly I am working here and earning a lot of revenue from here.
  9. There has so many coin. But. Bitcoin is one of the most uscrypto currency. And it's one of the most oldest among all. It's price is also higher than any other of them. So, Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto currency.
  10. Crypto is very good for invest. Investment has a great affect in the price of crypto currency. It has a great impact on the price. If the rate of investment rises high than the price of currencies also increase a lot.
  11. It is a big mistake. If you want to invest your currencies than firstly gain some knowledge about investment from internet. Than gain some technique about investing. And invest it in a suitable time.
  12. Dcammers are very much dangerous.Scammers and hackers are one of the biggest enemies of crypto world they will always tries to scam you and steal your currencies from you. So be careful from them
  13. There has so many wallet. I think there you nothing can do if you ever lost your Bitcoin wallet. I don't think there is such a way to back up wallets currency. If there is a way to back up it than it will be great.
  14. Of course i can. Because It will be a great Christmas gift if I can give people crypto as gifts. Cause they will able to do many things with it. They will be very much pleased if they can get it as gift.
  15. Bitcoin is the best because Among all of the crypto currency Bitcoin has faster transaction. It takes a less time for it's transaction during the exchanges. So, its for popular for taking less time.
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