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  1. There are many popular wallet in the social world They contain any advantage So crypto currency has good advantage too Crypto is the best earning project People can earn by working here I think that's good advantage for crypto
  2. Crypto currency is not a stable coin so many governments are not allow cryptocoin for there country So i think some government could not promote crypto currency
  3. Bitcoin is more valuable coin and more profitable coin Bitcoin value is very high. So bitcoin can develop financial economy So i think good finance because of bitcoin
  4. If i be smart and use strong password i think our account never be hacked Because of some mistake or be careless our account be hacked If our account will be hacked we could recover our account by using our gmail account Or Change our wallet..
  5. Exactly.. I agree with you I think crypto can change people’s lives Because many people joint here to earn some money People can solve there economic problem with the use of crypto payment
  6. That's good for China's crypto members China launch there won currency because they business with blockchain They want to achieve blockchain popularity I welcomed there work
  7. Absolutely not... Crypto is not full time job Crypto work is in limitation A man can make 30 post a day So i think crypto is free time job we can work this site any time
  8. Crypto work is Very easy Just make 30 post per a day That's are very good idea for income So i say crypto currency is most useful and helpful site We should work here for long time
  9. Why i leave crypto? I never left crypto currency because by working hete i get some payment, if i left it i could not money I love crypto very much
  10. I know scam is very attractive for any account It can be hack or disabled our account We should avoid this We can prevent internet scammer be smarty and by using strong password We will be careful any time
  11. Exactly Crypto is good for any students Because many student work here beside there study They learn about crypto currency and make appropriate post any topics
  12. Crypto earning is Very easy and enjoyment too So many people like it and work attentively Because crypto is more valuable site people can earn here So i think crypto is best
  13. Of course Yobit investment is profitable too Many people invest this coin But i never invest any coin So i don’t know what is coin is profitable
  14. Shantosi nekamoto is one of the most popular person in the social world Because of He was creat bitcoin Many people use bitcoin for invest and business But we cannot see him
  15. Exactly. Crypto treading can solve unemployment disaster Because crypto is the best earning site It can help to develop people’s economy Many people depend on crypto payment to solve there problems
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