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  1. i think people fear what they dont understand, so they fear bitcoin because it takes time to understand, I took like 5 months to understand what its all about. They cannot comprehend that it is not the government that is issuing the coins and that it is distributed and decentralized, I pity them thats all.
  2. I am new to the entire crypto world, and i dont have a lot of money, so no i m not investing, what i am doing is holding as much as i can, I m earning from cryptotalk about 21000 satoshis everyday, and I am hodling it, if price goto 50k, maybe i can also come into play
  3. i think it is because they think if everyone hodl, then there is less btc to trade, and it will increase the price artificially, and then they will be forced to sell their coins to take the benefit which they dont want to do.
  4. we dont know, it can positive or it can be negative, if it becomes positive, we can all make good money, and if it is negative, then we will all loose so much money, so we can only pray and hold on to the cryptocurrency.
  5. i m already paying all my bills from my phone. I have online banking and i pay all my bills from online backing and i use my phone all the time for everything. when crypto becomes acceptable, we will have more use of phones.
  6. I have no clue, I am learning and earning here, If i want to cash it, i have a friend who buy the crypto from and pay me in cash and pay it to my bank, but at present i m just hodling.
  7. i don think this topic belongs here. These are business ideas, you can do, and it has nothing to do with crypto. We should focus and discuss only about crypto and bitcoin in this forum, I think there are different sections where you can discuss this.
  8. it is already at 10k and there is no reason why it cannot go past 12k. I read about halving again and again, i think btc will go past 12k much before the halving event, I think in the month of march bitcoin touch 15k.
  9. I dont know if its possible, but i think all the investment is in btc, and eth is second best, it can overtake bitcoin if it does something that make it more better than bitcoin, but I highly doubt that.
  10. At present i only keep reading that bitcoin price will soar because of the halving event, and it will go to huge prices like 20 to 50k because the reward will be less, and mining will get costlier and hence the price of bitcoin will have to soar.
  11. well i read about crypto a few months ago, maybe a year, but I didnt have money to invest. It is only after i started posting in cryptotalk, i get the necessary exposure and profit from posting, now i m very interested in crypto and learning more.
  12. At present i m not buying anything. I am just collecting, but if have to buy i think i can get a lot of things with crypto, i can even buy real estate with crypto, and cars, and slowly everything is coming under the gambit of crypto.
  13. If btc can lower the transaction fees and fasten its process of transfer, then I think it can be the best, because all the investment is in btc and its is growing more and more. I heard of some bitcoin lightening network that will fasten the process. so lets hope it happens.
  14. If facebook wants to launch libra, then it will have no other choice but to add blockchain to its system, i dont how they will do, but I m sure it makes a lot of sense to add blockchain, or else it wont be mined currency.
  15. it may become every profitable decision, if you can afford to take the risk of bitcoin going to a high price. But if it does, and all your investments would become 10 times or 15 or more and you can become rich for the rest of your lives.
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