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  1. This forum provides many options for checking who gives reputation, as OP said. And for others can be found in the profile section of your account. it's really very easy to do.
  2. Hopefully these simple steps can simplify or understand it. Because we already know how, surely it will be very easy to make it. But for those who don't know it, it will be difficult. If anyone can't understand the text, you can go to YouTube for the tutorial.
  3. At first I also thought so, because there are already many applications of this kind. And until now, I also haven't used it. Furthermore, if there is free time I will try it.
  4. 1. You must have mining equipment in order to produce bitcoin. 2. If you don't have equipment, you can't mine. 3. So it is better, to produce bitcoin. You don't need to mine. Don't force something you can't do.
  5. If it really can produce 15 BTC in one day, I will try to do that. Equipment? I will buy it as much as I can, because 15 BTC in one day, it will make me rich. But unfortunately that can never be done.
  6. I think it can still produce, but I am not sure that I can make a lot of profit. But at least it can be done. Because you can't force to use a better device, to produce more.
  7. agree with you. I also like the sites of Bitsler and Freebitcoin. For freebitcoin, I don't play it very often there. But for Bitsler, it has become a pleasant place to play gambling and betting there.
  8. Sometimes gambling or betting can make you forget yourself. Too ambitious to win or get something in the gambling. So that our common sense is defeated by the delusion of victory. and finally we experience a great loss.
  9. Faucet is a place / way to be able to get income. Anyone can do this, if you really do this job diligently. So I'm sure you can make a lot of money.
  10. Holding coins in exchange can actually be said to be trading too. Because they swapped, why did they hold back. Surely they want to sell at a high price.
  11. Trade is not like gambling that we know of. Because there is no luck you have in trading, everything is purely the analysis you do in trading.
  12. In trading risk has become a major intake. So everyone would know that. I'm not sure what you say, many people do this. And people must have trading skills. So they will do anything so they don't lose a lot of money or even have to make a profit.
  13. MAQ

    Yobit - withdraw

    I have never made a withdrawal using Bitcoin, because of the high cost of withdrawal. So I don't know how much is the minimum to withdraw bitcoin.
  14. One reason is the CEO who is always transparent when experiencing problems with the exchange. Because there aren't many CEOs like CZ, who receive input from their communities.
  15. If the comparison of the costs is very little, certainly not also a problem to think about. Because if you choose a low cost, but the exchange is not good. Will you still trade or use the exchange.
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