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  1. You are sure that you do not need to worry about it now, but just be satisfied by how much it will increase in this increase.
  2. The more I know about cryptocurrencies, the more excited I will be about it and will never let it go.
  3. I never thought bitcoin would die so let's do everything to make lots of cryptocurrency for ourselves.
  4. The increase in bitcoin depends entirely on investors and their bulls who want the most increase.
  5. trading a lot is the only way you can raise your hand in trading don't depend on anyone to trade.
  6. This is for sure if you ask a mining worker whether or not they are profitable, then they will definitely say yes and vice versa.
  7. altcoins are usually much more profitable than bitcoin, try it but be really careful with your investment.
  8. it is the way one predicts the cryptocurrency's flavor alone it cannot fully determine that the signal is certainly true.
  9. Short-term or long-term, each has its own risks and risks are inevitable, we cannot say which is better, each has stronger points.
  10. yes, I see that in 10 days, almost any altcoin has increased in price, this is really a great time for such coins.
  11. Exactly when investing any coin, the first thing you need to do is to see if the coin is profitable or profitable, so that you can invest.
  12. Any technology is fine if you are not really a developer and just a trader, you do not need to be too concerned about its technology.
  13. It is important that when you determine the direction of the market is up or down very important that is when you enter the market the best time to enter the market is when prices are about to rise.
  14. Firstly, being arrogant and then shyness is very important so try to overcome what you have to be able to trade well.
  15. It is not true that those who did not sell back then mostly thought that it would keep growing and they wanted to keep it profitable.
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