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  1. Actually , I collect yoda from some freecoins is in the airdrop and that was also the last. Thank you for this information because I now know how to obtain some in not participating in airdrops. Thank you.
  2. Actually , I want to say that it's identical multipurpose given that reading variance, powerful computation is identical easy whilst dividing powerful price by means of a paperback book in addition via total paper-back . Thank you.
  3. Your topic is nice. Reinforcement your wallet. Scramble your wallet. Offline wallet for investment funds. Keep your computer program up to date. Multi-signature to secure against robbery. Thank you.
  4. Well , I also posted some hints and tips how to recognise spammer post easy, some of them have big dot below post on left side, others have blank space on top. Thank you.
  5. Your topic is good. Well , I think, you should choose some top altcoins at this time; their price is low now and it may recover soon. The choice is your. Thank you.
  6. Actually , it is already distributed.Most hunters take advantage and wanted to convert their tokens to money in form of salaries.Some of them HODL for the hope that it will pump its value in the future just like what I did. Thank you.
  7. ICO development is one of the best ways to generate fund for startups, SMEs or new project developers to sell their crypto tokens in exchange for fiat, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. Thank you.
  8. Well , The key will be in which not necessarily every person of which may be well worth investment and also you should be careful using this as you can quickly drop big money by merely carrying out the identical. Thank you.
  9. Actually , I think to avoid this kind of scam just make sure that project developers can clearly define what their goals are, successful ICOs have a straightforward. Thank you.
  10. Well , people like me only try the true information about the program. After that see how good they built communication with member in social media & telegram channel. Thank you.
  11. Actually , we can't forget that the crypto market is still a baby, so it is evolving every day and there will be a lot of stuff that will disapear to give place to improved products/services. Thank you.
  12. Well , I agree with and also not on this topic. First, I agree that everyone should avoid this kind of ICO investment. Because it's a lot of harm to everyone who enters into it. Thank you.
  13. I want to say that why do need some gambling token when we have some real coins which have some price - not only to get money from some stupid people who want to invest to some stupid coin. Thank you.
  14. Well , the start and there is no clear roadmap and there is no diversity in social networks, then the project will quickly die and you should not buy it. Thank you for posting this topic.
  15. Well , We have seen what happens with the cryptocurrency of rice and yogurt. I did not receive any messages from Ibit. In my opinion, do the documents yourself. Let's see what happens with fluoride and iodine. Thank you.
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