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  1. So , this is a great news that South Korea is launching its own digital currency. But it doesn't mean that its government will support bitcoins or Crypto currency. But I think it will be great for south korean government if they launch its own digital currency.
  2. Ohh..... Thanks for providing this great information to all the members of the cryptotalk. I never think that Binance would at last place. I am shocked to see it. But now , I have found the information only because of you.
  3. Well, I don't know thay who is the founder of lost leys wallet , private key wallet. But I can try to find out the answer of this topic. I can try to find the answer of this topic on Google. Maybe , I will found. Thank you.
  4. I don't think so that US will replace its own unique currency usd with bitcoins. Since because usd is unique currency of bitcoins and usd is known to be as Americans currency. So , it can't be replaced. But I think bitcoins can be act as an alternative Coins for all the countries.
  5. I am definitely sure that Cryptotalk is best for all the students because I am also a student and I know its importance. It ia helping us by providing extra income that will help us in our further studies. So , It is best for all the students.
  6. In my opinion , Cryptotalk forum is all time best trading platform. And No other site can compete with cryptotalk. As No other site provides 0.0003 BTC by working some work. So , I prefer crypto currency as It is best for trading and investment.
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this much important information to all the cryptotalk members. Well , These coins are raised up in the last 24 hours. Most of the members of cryptotalk don't know about it including me haha.
  8. It is very simple. If you want to post good content with your comment then , surely get the proper information about the topic and post in proper knowledge so that , everyone can understand your comment.
  9. I think Cryptotalk campaign will never end and it will be spread in every country. I wish cryptotalk should never be end. Because we are earning from it and I wish that It should never be end and we will enjoy all over the life.
  10. Well , There are some coins which are good in cryptotalk to invest. There are some coins like bitcoins , Ethereum , litecoins , xrp . I think that bitcoins and ethereum are good coins. But I prefer Bitcoins because its value in market is high.
  11. Well , I haven't do any Kind of investment in cryptotalk. I am earning only bitcoins by posting comments in the cryptotalk . And I feel that I am earning enough with working in it and doing comments in the cryptotalk.
  12. I don't spend continuous hours in working in cryptotalk. I am working in cryptotalk in the pieces of hours of the day. Likewise , I have done some comments in morning , Some in afternoon and some in night. So , I think I spend approximately 2-3 hours in cryptotalk.
  13. The money that is stored in electronic banks or to be electronic money . The money that we want to store in electronic money is known to be as be e - currency . E - currency is also important to us .
  14. I know that Crypto currency is great and its value is also good for us. Bit I think it cannot replace other countries currency because every country has its own unique currency which represents the country .
  15. I think I will choose bitcoins over gold because the Price Value of the bitcoins is gonna be very high in the upcoming years. Since , Gold and bitcoins both are useful to us. But the value of bitcoins is very high . So , I prefer bitcoins over gold coins.
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