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  1. Yes basically I think some cryptocurrencies have a great future and I hope you can hold on to some crypto for a while to gain profit in the future.
  2. Yes basically I think if an exchanger site gets hacked by hackers then I think every user can get bitcoin and stolen.
  3. Yes basically I think there is a lot more difference between the cryptocurrency market and the crypto currency market.
  4. Yes basically I have not used this wallet before and I think I have no idea or experience about this crypto wallet.
  5. Yes basically I think I need a bot on the telegram and I have a group on the telegram but I can't make a bot for my group.
  6. Yes basically I think digging in 2019 was not a very profitable one.
  7. Yes basically I think there are many trading pairs in this YoBit exchanger and I think you can use this exchanger for make trading.
  8. Yes basically I think that this cryptocurrency market will not grow without me and if it does, I think it would be a very bad sign for me.
  9. Yes basically I have no idea what the BTC exchange rate will be in February 2020 and I do not know if it will increase at all.
  10. Yes, basically, it seems like the simplest thing to do is to make a konomi wallet. And I hope you can easily create an account with your mailing address.
  11. Yes basically I think there is no cryptocurrency price difference in the exchanger.
  12. Yes basically I think that if you post content and want to check it out, you have to go to your own profile and I hope you can find all your posts here.
  13. Yes basically I think the size of these cryptotalk profiles and pixels are 100 * 100 and their file size is 499 KB maximum.
  14. Yes basically I was very disappointed to not see the coins listed in the dose on this exchanger and I don't know why this dose is not listed and I can't say anything about it.
  15. Yes basically I think that KYC verification calls are a lot of inconvenience and very damaging for newcomers.
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