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  1. collecting cryptocurrency from faucets is just a waste of time and your resources as you will get only just a few small amount of money after along time, so it doesnot worth try.
  2. it will be risky only if you donot know how to do trading and investment in cryptocurrency, if you know how to this then i will surely recommend you to use the investbox feature freely, it is very safe.
  3. you post will be very beneficial to new members to complete the first 100 posts or comments in the forum by managing time and making a good plan to get started.
  4. first read the rules of this forum by going to About Forum section, follow rules accordingly, whenever you make 100 posts initially you will be eligible for payment, after 100 posts you have to make 30 posts to get 30000 satoshi.
  5. i think the time limit has been set because of the forum is getting either heavy http requests or spammed posts is being increasing day by day so admins have given this time limit in between.
  6. beginners gets warning points because they either post copy pasted comments or use slang words or either they donot follow rules and regulations of the forum and violates them.
  7. i donot think that cryptotalk will last forever as there is a limit to the funds from management team , whenever the funds gets empty for the reward system then this campaign will stop.
  8. you will get notification whenever a new airdrop has been released or you can check forum for any new updates on crypto airdrops release, stay tuned with the forum to get know more.
  9. you have given a good way to identify on which posts we have commented, there is also an another way, whenever we do a comment on post after that we click NEXT UNREAD TOPIC you will be shown a post where you can see for example Page 1 of 40 then you have not commented on that post, if it shows Page 2 of 40 then you have commented something.
  10. make sure you post good informative topics or comments so that other members gets benefitted from it, follow rules of the forum, help everyone , this way you can get good reputation.
  11. you can convert your cryptocurrency in yobit to USD and send to your bank account or payeer account also you convert it to altcoins like xrp or ltc and sell them to any local person and get money in bank.
  12. you are right cryptotalk has given us a sideway to earn money as well as getting some knowledge about cryptocurrency, i am glad that i found this forum in my trading days, it helped a lot.
  13. you will be eligible after 100 comments for payment, after 100 comments you will get paid 30000 satoshi per day for 30 comments daily, 50 is the limit for one day.
  14. Bitcoin will surely give us a good news by middle of 2020 year as it is going to break the resistance soon, experts predicts it will hit the mark of $10500 soon in this year.
  15. Ranking is just a list of which cryptocurrency is in which position,it just shows the position of the crypto in terms of market volume and performance and userbase.
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