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  1. in my opinion, Crypto currency world is not very bright for the future. Beacuse cryptocurrency some countries not declared and some countries not available for the future.And bitcoin will never run out of the future. Thank you.
  2. Dear mate i have some advices for you , you can avoid fraudsters by not downloading unsafe applications and you should refrain from entering unknown source sites so that after the hunters they send you a link on the e-mail for example and ask you to enter it for profit. An amount of money and when you enter it they steal all your data and also do not work on untrusted sites such as Investment sites make sure they are correct first so that your money is not stolen, as happened with me in the pas. thank you and best of luck.
  3. Hello dear, if you want to know about my expierience I have been working in the crypto world for almost 1 year. and most of this life I spent in the bounty program and made short-term investments. Thank you.
  4. Hello dear, It has been the subject of discussion in the legislators chamber and in different organizations however there is some dismissal since they can be an instrument to back tax evasion and fear based oppression. How about we see where such finishes. also, by one way or another he didn't sell it secretly. Abnormal. Possibly he disrupted a few guidelines on the closeout of the digital money which is denied by law? I don't have any acquaintance with, it's not cool. Thank you.
  5. Hello dear, I m not sure with this situation of Bitcoin price or others cryptocurrencies price, the price is very volatile, so if they will get a stable price sure and sure they will start using crypto as payment. Thank you
  6. Hello mate! I think you are trying to say about Cryptotalk users are increasing, so we are facing competition. No mate we are not facing any competitive between users. Thank you.
  7. Hello dear mate, you mean that's cryptocurrencies and fiats currencies, where by USD are the most used currency in the world so that's means USD is better than bitcoin, I say USD is best than bitcoin because of its popular and most used currency. Thank you and best of luck.
  8. Hello dear, we don't want to make any spoilers about bitcoin price and twitter, but if you keep reading this post you will discover how you can use Twitter to predict the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin's price and twitter are close relatives. Thank you.
  9. we think its necessary, cryptocurrency is still too imperfect to replace traditional payment systems. A single currency, digital or any other, is possible only when all states are united in a single union or a single state. Thank you , Have a great day.
  10. Hello dear it seems like a good list, but you should also avoid low paying schemes like faucets and captcha solvers. Surprisingly many people still waste time doing these activities that have zero to no pay whatsoever. Thank you and best of luck.
  11. Thats true my dear mate! if this continues, then we putting time here, we can invest somewhere else. My 20 posts have been deleted within 2 hours, what is happening, even I m not understanding. Thank you and best of luck.
  12. Hello dear ! i give you some advice here, First of all do not download files from unfamiliar and unverified resources watch carefully so as not to get to phishing sites and preferably wallets and paproli do not store on your PC. Thank you and best of luck.
  13. Hello dear, the day trading is risky and it requires experience. Before you quit your regular job, ensure you have been able to get consistent profit trading crypto for at least one year. Thank you
  14. Hello dear, It would be great I would definitely choose one of them. If this is the case then I think a crypto analyst, or a private consultant or trading signal provider for crypto trading or something like that, is bound to crypto if that is the nature. Thank you and best of luck.
  15. I am still thinking of ethereum because the interest in ethereum in the market is quite high, the volume and ethereum including the coin of the future no loss if you invest in ethereum and hold long-term if you want to get a big profit Thank you and best of luck.
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