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  1. We will never know, maybe someday they will stop releasing the supply and dogecoin could break a bull to one dollar.
  2. What i like about yobit is the fact that you do not have KYC, but for other aspects i like binance better, they have low fees good security and many options to trade with.
  3. There are certain fields from crypto that you can work with, what fields are you working on to got that revenue that you are talking about.
  4. How could it be a bad news if all that it shows is how the improvements in the developemjent of cryptocurrencies.
  5. In crypto it is not always that your money will rise, sometimes it could fall as well, you need to knwo how investments in crypto are done before you buy some.
  6. in your pockets or your home you could get robbed, that is the reason bank were created in the first place, but now we hate them too.
  7. It has changed the world but on the other hand it has ruined the ways the government were able to get taxes from, it is bad for economy.
  8. You are right even if the bull run won't happen because of the halving it will still happen anyway, all we have to do is be patient but make sure we buy everytime the price falls.
  9. It is not good to stop looking at those prices, what we need is to be strong not to me shaken by some price fall or to excited when we see a rise.
  10. The use of ATMs in no different from agreeing to go back into the centraliztion that we ran away from, i would like to use crypto p2p not cashing out at some tax paid ATM.
  11. In what cases must you use KYC, is it real neccessary i mean why don't you just ignore those places.
  12. You should not have a fear of losing money for as long as you do not deposit it in wrong places and you do not do margin trading.
  13. If you do a research you may find if it is legit or you may not find, so the short anwer is mostly you do not, until you get scammed.
  14. But sometimes even experts are just making a fuss for the evil plans of their own, maybe they just want to cause an over buy or even an oversell.
  15. But you should also know that some patient is going to be required, becaue the halving wont just happen as fast as it can, but as late as you might even think of giving up.
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