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  1. 7 days seems like such a short window to work with the USDT winnings, but at least the NMX I've won will be mine to keep and exchange once trading opens next year. The fun thing about these competitions is that I'm learning different techniques (or finding out what doesn't work well for me). I don't think I'd use all of these same techniques with real money, but it's a good chance to learn.
  2. I've been doing these daily contests most days for a while and it is teaching me to better use the tools of this exchange. I've won a few days. I've also seen the site have a few outages too. That's good info as well... uptime is most important when the market moves quickly.
  3. I need some serious community testing of the Samsung wallet built into the phone so I can know if it's worth investigating 😂 there's so much to learn in the crypto space and I haven't had time to investigate yet. It could be awesome and amazing, I just don't know yet.
  4. Without specifics stated in the post, the most likely scenario is user error. Perhaps the app memory was cleared and the user created a new wallet. Perhaps it switched which generated address it was looking at (that's actually rather complicated and apps don't let you browse through all of your generated addresses). The first place to look is at the blockchain explorer to see if the coins actually moved. If the address in the app shows that it never had coins, that's a clear indicator that it's not showing you the right address and can help with what to look into next.
  5. Yes to confirm the terminology: ERC-20 refers to tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Your ETH key (or seed phrase if that's what you used) is the same for your address which handles ETH and ERC-20 tokens
  6. Unfortunately some exchanges (and apps that offer airdrops) are essentially scams. They have a number of ways to prevent you from receiving anything. First rule: you shouldn't have to deposit to get something. If you do, then it's not an airdrop. Ideally, anything airdropped into an exchange can be traded, so if you're good you can trade to increase the value until it's larger than withdrawal fees. If you never get enough value to get a withdrawal, then you haven't been scammed but your time is lost. That's common in the crypto space, but not terrible. If you find yourself blocked at every turn, and corralled into depositing money... that's a red flag.
  7. eToro is a big name in the copy trader space, with profiles and such for celebs. The problem is that you won't know how each trader performs in the current market until it's too late. Past gains don't mean future gains...
  8. Most often now I'm using the "classic" windows calculator pulled in from older windows versions (because it loads faster than the one built into windows 10). For the most part it's good for quick calculations and I find I'm happier if I spend less time calculating tiny returns on obscure coins 😂
  9. At this point, I have decided to just decrease the need to do calculations. If a coin is very low value I'll use CoinGecko or just shoot from the hip rather than doing extra calculations.
  10. All modern browsers have a "private" mode, but the details differ. Brave even has a TOR mode built-in, although I've never used it.
  11. I don't really have that problem luckily, especially since the Yobit dice UI is really bad and I just want to get it done and get out.
  12. I signed up for the free coin, who knows if I'll ever receive it. I'm certainly receiving daily emails pressuring me to "buy in" as a founding member and that's a red flag. I won't be paying money when they haven't even delivered anything.
  13. Thanks for posting the trade date; it's hard to know what the post bounties are worth if we can't sell the TALK tokens.
  14. I only roll dice with Dice, because I need to play a few games every day for my investbox to meet criteria. You can roll with as little as 10.
  15. I'm a little confused as to what the Talk coin is good for. Yes we can get it for participating here, but why would anyone buy it? The old BTC bounty was easier because it was spendable without wondering if anyone else wants it.
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