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  1. A better future is ahead of cryptocurrency and will be accepted by everyone
  2. I think the government don't want to accept it because they will find it difficult to control because it not centralized.
  3. I came to crypto world some weeks ago and am yet to have a good and enough earnings to buy bitcoin.
  4. this is very good post thanks for the information.
  5. the ability to track an Android phone might be of help to hackers to be able to track the details of anyone's wallet and have it hacked.
  6. long term holding might be bad because we all expect price of coin to increase after some time but unfortunately if the price fails to increase and instead it decreases that will be a loss.
  7. yes bitcoin will actually made it to dominate all physical money and it will be a very good time for satoshi to come out of hiding.
  8. I don't think I will because I have a very small coin myself I can't afford to give out what I don't have.
  9. Not really having a daily means of surviving and also earning on crypto can surely make a successful human being but engaging in cryptocurrency for a very long time might be helpful but it needs patience.
  10. Am very short of idea about this for now but better still I will try learn from old member comments.
  11. I can't really speak for others but have never have my online wallets hacked before and never will.
  12. World Bank will see crypto as an opponent because they will find it difficult to regulate it activities.
  13. Been the first coin been created and the leading one as always made bitcoin very popular and also it rate in the market.
  14. investing In bitcoin will always Be the best way to invest on crypto With it hight rate in the market.
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