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  1. knowledge to student about the crypto and I also think students are get a knowledge of this because in the future it is a very good platform to earn
  2. because I don't search for a hard words anyway, these 3 sites are good for the one who is weak in English, thanks for sharing them
  3. learning I am getting there and how much I can make money in the site working on it and the market going up and down.
  4. I am also new crypto world but I know the feeling of earning although I not yet earning from cryptocurrency but slowly and slowly I am nearing 100 useful post.
  5. I thing site is under progress that's why we facing this problem. From disk top veiw you can post your posts and comments.
  6. I am giving up. I have contacted the admin and they said we are trying to solve the problem. Let's see ahaed. What gonna happen.
  7. I mean seriously you can work here for few hours and earn good amount of money. Not just money you can also gain knowledge about digital market and currency from this forum.
  8. main step for any member is to first go through The guidelines and learn them biheart, this is a very important step for further working in the forum.
  9. good work you doing and keepitup this work that every traders can get help form up and any newbie also who is interested in trading
  10. This coins is the first stable coin ever made and is backed up by banks and other financial institutions and that what makes it very promising.
  11. spend more here because im learning a lot in this forum im getting more serious to know about cryptocurrency and how to trade with it.
  12. crypto information on google play and you will probably see a lot of applications that give you information on crypto and also news daily.
  13. risks of loses analyze always the situation. Be learned not to be greedy this should always be remember during trading.
  14. either 2 or 3 minutes now and I think that this was a good move by the admins as it will help those who are busy with their daily activities.
  15. coinbase because easy to use, high security, Reduce the risk of money theft, and you can also exchange coin easily.
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