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  1. I think the major reason is decentralisation
  2. I don't think this possible at all through this forum but u can achieved that through trading or u invest a lot of money on it
  3. Yeah it nice u have reach ur 100 post and have started earning I happy for u at least I have earn like 10$ already through this site
  4. Since virtually people believe cryptocurrency demand will be high in the future so holding any coin will not be a bad idea at all
  5. I think bitcoin price is what determine the price of ripple but I expect ripple to hit high this year
  6. I think maybe they most have different news about how a lot of people where scam through bitcoin
  7. I can't really said y government of Asia banned cryptocurrency precisely but I think it due to illegal stuffs
  8. I think the major effect of cryptocurrency in the future is that it will increase the rate of cyber crime which will be one of the major obstacle in the world
  9. Yeah I still believe crypto is the future since every part of the world are moving to a cashles society
  10. The worst that can happen to me is sending money to a wrong address or been scam by scammers I will be mad about it
  11. I think this is due to the fact that bitcoin price is unpredictable
  12. I don't see anything special about social media rather it is a kind of waste of time but everything about cryptotalk is learning and earning at same time which sound great
  13. Uma7543

    Btc Or Gold

    I think the both are very vital but I will still choose bitcoin since it very expensive now
  14. I believed as long as cryptocurrency is concern bitcoin will last longer than expected cos I am yet to see any better and reliable coin than bitcoin
  15. At the moment I am not buying any coin rather I am converting my money to my local currency for usage
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