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  1. Air coin is already present in coinmarketcap but the site cannot determine yet it's market capital, 24 hour volume and circulating supply. So the best option for the team if they like to make air coin a more popular coin and to have the coinmarketcap a data to provide is they should market their coin to a wider audience. So far, I cannot say whether it has a future.
  2. 300$ is not that much to be divided so it is still up to you whether you like to put it in 1 currency or more than 1. What is important is that you should make sure that you are putting your money in a potential currency so the risk will be lower compare to other currencies that are not top ranking or the demand is not that high.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but as what I understand with Ripple project that it is not a stable coin. The Ripple price is changing unexpectedly and your money can easily double or more than of that in which you cannot achieve in stable coin. Ripple is a good investment option because it is top currencies and it is much safer compare to other currencies out there. Your money can easily multiply if the market will continue to grow and just a little heads up, stable coin is not good for investment as it's value will not increase or decrease that much.
  4. Sometimes, I also use my bitcoins for shopping especially if there are items that I can pay via our local currency and they accept bitcoin payment. Paying in bitcoin is the most easiest way to do compare to paypal and other payment options that ask for plenty of details before we can fully use them. Aside from that, I also use bitcoin in paying my bills payment.
  5. Bitcoin is very popular because of it's unique feature and also because it is the first crypto currency that was launched. Meaning it is the mother of all other currencies out there, aside from it bitcoin is also popular because it is very easy to use and it's transaction fee is very small compare to banks.
  6. I am also curious how it work but what I certainly believed is that all the trades that happened in a registered exchange will be summed up and the resistance level will occur. But if I am correct this is how the market prices work especially how the market decreases and increases at some poit. Big investors or traders can only control the bitcoin price as they have the power to buy more and sell more if they like.
  7. This is another level of crypto acceptance if in case Amazon will likely to accept bitcoin and other currencies directly. But as what I heard Amazon is not accepting crypto payment directly instead the payment for crypto currencies were handled by third party and the third party will be the one to pay the payment in Amazon. Still it is a good start for a wide adaption of crypto currencies in the future.
  8. We are already in the last week of February and the price of bitcoin is still keep on decreasing and if it will continue then bitcoin will likely to be exchange between 8500-9000$ at the end of this month. But we cannot really predict the moves of the market especially to the big traders, so our only option is to play wise if you are a trader and be patient if you are an investor.
  9. Bitcoin is very expensive right now because of the demand that keeps on increasing and aside from that big investors are also putting their money in bitcoin that helps bitcoin price to increase that much. The limited supply is also one of the other reason why it's price is very high because if the supply will be overwhelmed by the demand then price increase will definitely to happen.
  10. I am not so sure if this will happen if in case will be out in the market because the investors, traders, project owners and bounty hunters will surely look for other alternatives where they can play with their money. So they will definitely convert their attention to other currencies if in case bitcoin is already dead. Once the demand is still there then the market will not be dead instead it will continue to grow.
  11. It will depend to your situation and a type of investment that you want to engage, for example from the start you are planning for a long term investment then whatever that prices in that year or months it will not affect you. But if you are a short term investor or trader then every move of price is your chance either to sell or buy. Trading is not easy so others are playing safe, they are selling their assets just to cut their losses then proceed to buying order after that.
  12. Yes, we definitely need the lightning network so we can save to our daily transaction especially to those transactions that are not that big. Aside from that, we need a fast transaction also that will not take a minute to reach in our wallet and only bitcoin lightning network is our chance to obtain this speed.
  13. If the Japanese government will do their mightiest to stop their users to bypass their security features that allows traders to only profit x2 and more than of it is already prohibited then it will likely to affect the crypto market in Japanese country. But if others can find a way to bypass this kind of security then it will be good for the traders though it will turn out that they are doing that is against the law of their government which is not good if we are going to sum up.
  14. It is so amazing that these big countries are promoting bitcoin and are accepting crypto currencies freely. This only means that crypto has a bright future and there will be more countries that will surely follow their lead and will adapt crypto currencies in the future.
  15. There is no problem with it as bitcoin still has a satoshi so population is not a problem instead the price of bitcoin will become more valuable if in case it will become the future currency and will be use worldwide. But if in case bitcoin is still not enough to be use by everyone then I am sure that there will be adjustment that will be made once this problem will occur.
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