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  1. I doubt if there will be someone who are willing to share their techniques if they are earning 10$ per day without any hard works. With regards to sites, you can hardly find some so your only option is to work. Look for you skills on what you can offer to the crypto society then you can even earn more than 10$ per day.
  2. Yes, this is the main reason why they are afraid of crypto currency existence. They are worried that their local currencies will be overtaken by the crypto and most of the assets will be put into crypto instead of banks.
  3. As of this moment, the future of crypto currency is very bright because the acceptance is keeping growing. Aside from acceptance, the growth of users and investors are keep on growing also and the demand is coming from this two. So we can expect that the crypto currency will continue to shine brightly.
  4. Hot wallet or cold wallet is better than crypto custodians as what I have understand to it's meaning base on your description. Though many are still using crypto custodians because it is user friendly, so it's up for anyone on what they like to use.
  5. No need for application, what you need to do only is to link your account here to your account in yobit exchange by entering your uid. Their system will automatically count the number of your post and will pay you base on your useful post. There are sections that were not counted like bounty section, so be wary of it.
  6. Forums will be the best teacher for the newbies like you, just keep on reading and make sure that you are also resourceful so can easily adapt in crypto world. I didn't know any apps or websites that can help you with your goal but if you are only searching for information's that you can use in your article then you can try coinmarketcap as the details there are not that bad.
  7. Right now there is a place in Dubai where they exclude crypto users and organization to tax. Yes, it is tax free so I can say that bitcoin is very suitable in this area where you can operate your crypto business without any tax from the government.
  8. Right now, if you are still looking for a coin to trade as of the moment then I can suggest that you should trade XRP as the price is not that high and it's price is steadily increasing. Though trading will need a lot of effort in order to predict what will come in the following day especially if you are a daily trader.
  9. Panic is only normal for us especially if our hard earned money is at stake but if you cannot control your emotion then you will end up losing your money instead of saving it. In investment, wise people will profit and people who easily panic in every down of price will not grow.
  10. In my case, my future in crypto is not that bad as I have learned few skills that I can offer to the projects owner already. By doing this, I can earn a good amount of money once the market will start to move forward. Though we cannot assure our future but what I can say is that, I will do everything to brighten my future in crypto world.
  11. It's not bad to have a dream but don't dream too much especially if you are still newbie in that area. For professional traders, getting rich is very simple for them to do as they already know what they are doing. If you want to get rich, take your time and study hard so you can achieve your goal someday.
  12. In two year, maybe it will be the time where the market will start to fall especially if bull run will occur this year then it will continue to 2021 and 2022 will be the year of the bear again once all the dumps will be concluded. But if bull run will run to more than 2 years then I can say that it is still a lively year where all are hoping to earn a good amount of profit in return to their investment assets.
  13. Most of the greedy investors are coming from newbies because most of their thinking is crypto a good place to earn a huge amount of money in a short period of time. What they need is to be contented especially if you are earning a profit as a little profit is better rather than losing your investment.
  14. I absolutely agree with your statement, bitcoin is a currency where it's price will keep on increasing once the demand will grow and decrease once the demand will slow down. It is very different compare to bubble as it's value and usage have been adopted almost worldwide.
  15. The market is very lively in this year and the bear fear are fading slowly while the sleeping investors are starting to wake up. There are plenty to look forward to this year, in general we can expect that most of the potential currencies will reach a new record by obtaining an ATH again.
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