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  1. I personally love it so much because there is the fact that one would always get free coins from any type of crypto currency project since there will be airdrop and one thing about the airdrop is that everybody is allowed to participate regardless of the country of type of the knowledge you have pertaining to the crypto currency
  2. This list is really a good list of the alto coins but I most say the fact that most the alt coins are yet to be independent , I actually do not like the fact that they are all always depending on the percentage increase of the bitcoin before they could think of increasing too, that is just the only thing that I really do not like about the alt coin
  3. Good thing for the progress of crypto currency in the most of the Asia countries especially for the China as the government did not ban the use of crypto currency so the involvement of their government into the crypto currency had made is so easy and less complex to let so many members or citizen to adapt using the crypto currency
  4. There just too many scam bot in the telegram since I think it is easy and cheap to set up and that is making some newbie to think it is something to be into, now I know of some people that was been scammed in their first attempt to invest into the crypto currency but experienced the bad incident which made it not a good thing for them
  5. Increasing in the price of any crypto currency is a good thing to know especially that the traders are already making big investment by buying much quantity of coin and waiting for it to moon up and not only the price of bitcoin is going up so the difference is that they should be invested on at the right time properly
  6. Actually it is not like it is really important, because most the companies that do require the use of kyc to be compulsory for their members are somehow in some point selling out those information for money and therefore making it not safe to give our safe information out again, so exchange is still good without asking for kyc like yobit
  7. Well it is too difficult to even consider knowing that whether crypto currency is useful for monetary world, by the manner in which I despite everything don't think so even as the majority of the nations prohibited it for specific reasons crypto currency is significant expenses in world market today, yet someway it is useful for financial world and furthermore advancing solidarity among numerous individuals
  8. I have been exchanging today for a long time and as you see this post I have more understanding, I will attempt to apply these things to you in my exchanging world reality, I like your post, thank you very much,I will attempt to follow the ten of your points in my exchanging world of crypto currency plus forex and binary trading too
  9. A debt of gratitude is in order for the data this site is actually an astonishing stage for this sort of articles continue sharing such data I counsel you to search for the energycoin and that coin to in the rundown I think energicoin have extraordinary potential, security and ease of use and that is very good thing to know
  10. Indeed I think crypto get rich rapidly. Since crypto is a standout among other re-appropriating site. Individuals working this discussion and win more money. Crypto attempt to killed poverty step by step. Thus we can say crypto get rich rapidly as quick and fast that it can be too
  11. Well in reality, there is no distinction. In the event that we talk about individual crypto currency, for example, ethereum and bitcoin, the thing that matters is in what calculations they deal with and what sort of encryption they use, and obviously in its cost because that is just the most easy and simple without complex explanation
  12. Well if can be probably be possible for the crypto currency organizations can do well with this computer game, it would surely be beneficial for us to put resources into crypto currency through this computer game if the occupants of good crypto currency and that would also let many of the youth to love the crypto use
  13. It is no more new that I have consistently guaranteed that crypto currency is staying put for a long They are a decent method to make buys and deals and exchanges are made quick. We can likewise open records without such huge numbers of necessities been included
  14. THis is actually not that much really bad if one is to choose between the two because it is the simpliest reason to decide that the social media is still better because one would still be able to get connected your fellow family and friends but here only crypto related issues are been talked about so I choose social media
  15. Case of this can be here is a faucet in bestchange exchange however like truly I truly detest doing any faucet asserting in view of most them is simply tedious and I don't generally have that much time to squander for insignificant little measure of coins even here right now, is getting acceptable measure of more cash than altogether of four faucets guarantee
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