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  1. REGISTRATION ON ANOTHER PROJECT OPENED FROM GETon ECOSYSTEM: CryptoBoard.media‼ ️ 🎁 After approval of the verification, CBDX coins are credited in the amount of 20 GROSH =(20 EURO) 💰 ♻️ There is no staking yet, but it will definitely appear in the coming days. In the meantime, register, go through verification, get coins and invite friends at will! 👥 ℹ️ For invited referrals we get GROSH on the Networking balance ✔️ Registration 👇 👇 https://wallet.cryptoboard.media/user/register/c729df4bee ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- About CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) ERC20 token The cryptocurrency used to support CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation is ERC20 token, CryptoBoard Token (CBDX) which smart contract was submitted for verification at Etherscan.io on February, 02nd2020. Institute “GetOn News”, Gosposvetska cesta 4A, 1000 Ljubljana, Reg. No.: 8529884000 is CryptoBoard Token smart contract deployment entity, with official ERC20 address: 0x63a28B12360C8628757431072191920D2f779B60 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 💲⁉️💸 HOW WE CAN EARN IN GETon ECOSYSTEM for registration and verification we get coins and send these coins to the staking for a period of 100 days, which gives a passive income of 0.5% daily during this period. For inviting partners, we get additional GROSH coins that can be used to buy new packages with coins, thereby increasing your earnings💰 1) PiplShare: 100 € 👉 https://wallet.piplshare.com/user/register/5cbbd5207d 2) PronWorld: 69 € 👉 https://networking.pron.world/user/register/3ce3af72f5 you can also earn PRON coins by watching erotic video content and images💰 3) LifeOnScreen: 142 € 👉https://wallet.lifeonscreenwallet.com/user/register/6143b80b03 📍 Coins are credited to the balance after verification 6-12 hours. Verification requires a document proving the identity and bank account.
  2. Ваш код: 3n9071b2t - Спасибо бирже Yobit и форуму CryptoTalk за возможность зарабатывать деньги за каждое сообщение!Yobit лутший обмен))
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