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  1. It seems to me that Monero depends on the Bitcoin exchange rate, and therefore, growth will continue in the next six months.
  2. As far as I know, this is really so, already after bitcoin the remaining analogues were released, which gained almost the same popularity as Bitcoin.
  3. In fact, this forum is enough for me so far and I'm not going to leave here in the near future as I’m just used to talking here.
  4. For me, Bitcoincash is a kind of bitcoin analogue, and therefore I prefer to invest more in bitcoin itself.
  5. Personally, I try not to invest in such coins since investing in them will be very difficult to sell them later due to low liquidity.
  6. As you can see, after bitcoin broke the level of $ 9,000, he immediately came across a lot of pressure and collapsed back to 8500, now we will wait for further movements, most likely we will fall to the level of 8200, and then increase.
  7. Recently, more and more famous people began to use cryptocurrencies in any way, thereby they help to give cryptocurrencies publicity.
  8. For whom, for the government of various countries, the emergence of cryptocurrencies can cause a negative effect on their local currency, and on the other hand, with the help of cryptocurrencies, the government can strengthen its economy.
  9. For me, for 2020, the main cryptocurrencies are Litecoin and Bitcoin, as they currently show good growth, which should continue in the coming year.
  10. In fact, since 2010, so many waves of various cryptocurrencies have already passed that during this time it seems to me that anyone could get at least some kind of profit.
  11. Well, without the Internet, we wouldn’t communicate with you here, so I suppose even if they had created something similar to blockchains and bitcoin, it would not have received much publicity.
  12. I usually withdraw using Litecoin since it is relatively stable and the commission on it is literally a couple of cents. In addition, it can easily be exchanged back for the same bitcoin.
  13. Personally, I use and indeed have ever used only an authenticator from Google. I advise it to everyone since it is convenient, understandable and reliable.
  14. Personally I think that the best idea is to sell all your crypto at ath levels and after that hold all your profit in USD or some stable coins.And then buy btc again at a very low price.
  15. Today bitcoin has broken through a 8700 support level and this leads to downside trend now. I am expecting bitcoin to reach 8200 support level and then begin to grow again.
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