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  1. Of course, everything depends on the coin in which you invest, but to be honest, I would not advise you to invest all the money in one coin or project, you need to diversify your portfolio.
  2. There is a lot of news on this project in the network now, in general the most important thing to know now is that the court recognized their coins as securities.
  3. Personally, I completely agree with this, it is very unlikely to happen, at least the dogs have been at their level in price for several years and there are no serious prerequisites for growth.
  4. I think that after that drop in bitcoin to $ 3,000, it will not fall below, so now we will wait for the market to grow. It seems to me that it will definitely not be lower.
  5. Personally, I believe that this situation will never happen, because for some countries cryptocurrencies are a good source of income.
  6. Regarding future forks, I’m not sure that there is any information, rather it’s worth paying attention to existing ones.
  7. I believe that this fact is a completely natural phenomenon, because how many people have so many opinions, I personally believe that bitcoin will continue to grow.
  8. It is quite possible, as it seems to them, it will most likely be even more convenient and easier to receive money in cryptocurrency.
  9. Almost always, miners appear on your computer due to the fact that you downloaded any files from an unknown site.
  10. Well, here it is important to say that bitcoin, as it were, leads and controls the price of many altcoins: when bitcoin falls, altcoins fall.
  11. I think that in the future there will be a lot of companies that will accept a fee for their services in cryptocurrency.
  12. Many people, having studied the most basic startegia and information about the trade and the market, begin to advise everyone on their signals, which are not always true.
  13. This is quite normal for the current market and I would not say that the market is now bullish. Most likely we will see a further decline.
  14. Thanks for the interesting article, before that I had not studied such options, and now I even became interested to know a little more about them.
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