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  1. As far I know if you sent your money in wrong wallet you don't have any chances of get back your money. There are no feature like this. So you should check before you sent money.
  2. I think crypto is good for users. Because the user of crypto is increasing day by day. Many people become self employed by working in crypto. So we can say that crypto is good for future.
  3. I also hope that. Because is world's number one digital and developed country. So I think it is high time for USA to crypto market. It is also good news that USA already start using blockchain technology . So we can hope that they will start crypto market soon.
  4. As far I know joining in Airdrops is fake. Because most of the airdrops are fake. They scam with people. But I think 2-3% of airdorps are real.Not more that.
  5. As far I know there are many way to easily earn money from online. You can also earn money from cryptotalk forum. Cryptotalk gives you a good amount of money in some easy task. So you could work in cryptotalk forum.
  6. Yes , I am agree with you. I also think that Altcoin can't replace bitcoin. Though Altcoins is a popular coin but Bitcoin is best of them. The users of bitcoin is increasing day by day. That's why any coin can't replace Bitcoin.
  7. I think there are not any feature like this. I don't find any feature like this. There are not any system of reverse transaction. Once you sent your bitcoin to other wallet you can't cancel it. It is impossible.
  8. I think there are many reasons behind the increasing the price of bitcoin. Because demand of bitcoin is increasing day by day, and many people giving many types of payment through Bitcoin. That's why bitcoin is so expensive.
  9. I think sorting crypto on yobit is a right decision. Because yobit is now a popular crypto wallet. It is very much safe and secured. I am also using this wallet . I don't find any kinds of issue in it.
  10. First of all thank you for sharing this information with us. I am very much interested to earn money by playing game . Now I can easily earn money by playing game.
  11. Yes we all should alert about scam. There are many scammers around us. They always try to cheat with us and try to hack our Money. So be smart and alert about scammers.
  12. First of all thank you for sharing this information information with us. If anyone wants to be successful in crypto market , he must follow this information. It will help him to be successful in crypto market .
  13. Crypto is a digital currency. It is a internet based currency. Now a days it is very much popular digital currency. There are many cryptocurrency available in digital currency market.
  14. I think when the price will be increase then it will be not right to invest in BTC . Because in that you can buy few btc in a high amount. So when the price will be not high then it will be right time to invest in BTC.
  15. I think earning $30 daily is not a easy task. In that case you have to invest and have to trade. And if you can trade carefully then there are a chance of earning $30 daily. But it is quite impossible for biginners .
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