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  1. The best website and apps I have is "kolotobablo". The kolotibablo website can be earned again android, windows and app store have app. Kolotibablo gives money instent.
  2. Crypto currency trading requires a little time to do the earning. But the income can be. I am bachelor, to earn my living is with the money earned from crypto currency coin.
  3. Many people are constantly earning a lot of money by trading crypto currency online. Where Bitcoin is a popular coin. People have been able to earn very little money by investing in house. Anyone who has ideas about the crypto currency trade will not invest in the house.
  4. If you want to make earning by trading from crypto currency you must know the exact time to buy coin. We constantly see that if the price of a coin goes down, after a while the price of that coin will go up. If the price of the coin drops too much, then it is time to buy the coin. Because the price of coins will rise again.
  5. When I trade crypto currency, my profit is low but I lose very little time. Even then, when lost a lot of anger and do not trade with that coin. But my experiace says there is no problem if you lose once or twice, if you lose continuously then you need to trade carefully.
  6. BTC and ETH crypto currency are the most popular coins in the market. We know, online market, earning and other website peyment system BTC and ETH coin. They have earned the trust of the people. So BTC and ETH crypto currency will have a lot of role in the market in the future.
  7. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency coin. This bitcoin was accepted by very few countries. The reason for this was that there was no specific person to regulate and run Bitcoin. But now many countries have accepted.
  8. I don't know right, Many people think that if youtuber promotes crypto currency then that youtube channel hit the styke. But we are constantly seeing a lot of youtuber crypto currency promoting. But nothing is happening to their channel.
  9. Although Bitcoin and Crypto Currency are as reliable as other banks, a fear certainly works .Because we know, nobody controls Bitcoin .So many countries allow fear, but fear works in everyone.
  10. In my opinion ,Bitcoin is one of the best wallet in the crypto world. Because everyone knows Bitcoin is so popular. Today, Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most popular tests to popularize. So Bitcoin One is the best wallet in the crypto world.
  11. For Crypto Currency Good Earning, you should see the price of all Coin. The price of the coin is lower than ever and the buyer is more than the seller. If Earn wants to buy that coin.
  12. Generally speaking, Crypto Currency has a touch of modernity. Currently the online trader is just loading, Not slowing down. This is how crypto coins are run, which is always attractive to online traders . So no one can spread Crypto Currency easily .
  13. Not just from Crypto Currency, any business entrepreneur is disappointed if they do not profit .But I think it won't be disappointing. Crypro Currency Price goes down but after some time the price goes high.
  14. In my opinion Bitcoin has more friendships with China. Because China has many website peyment system Bitcoin. Bitcoin they keep as a close friend
  15. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto reportedly began working on Bitcoin in 2007, and then published the white paper on Halloween, October 31, 2008. In just eight-pages, Nakamoto describes how Byzantine General’s Theory could be solved.
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