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  1. i am not sure about it but i think you use different devices on same network so your account will not be band because every device have a different IP address so it will not create any issues but if you are not satisfied with it you should directly contact with the administrator they can help you even more then better way
  2. i don't think bitcoin is an air pocket, however I heard what they state, and I couldn't care less about what they state since they spread those words to get the advantage from individuals panicking.When we have an air pocket on any benefit there are signs, as broad communications inclusion, rage and advances to purchase, youtubers getting hundred of thousands of perspectives and front pages. At this moment things are going down on the grounds that we went excessively high in June and we have the ponzi plustokenselling. it should be more details full about bubble which is calling bitcoin bubble.
  3. There megara government had passed a law on bitcoin bans, their president only supported blockchain technology because of the reason they wanted to launch their own digital currency based on blockchain technology and now why they lift the ban they have issued, I doubt about this kind of news.
  4. Having waste experience become powerful prospective for others to learn from you. However, don't push it too much. Our soul is extremely powerful but our body needs a rest.
  5. yeah you are right i agre with you i think in the future BITCOIN will be like a common currency. If bitcoin in the said country is legal then probably they can used it anywhere because there is merchants that can freely set up a business
  6. yeah you are right i also agree with you i think that the rest social media like Twitter and You tube are full of misinformation and people shilling their positions. This is best for all the crypto trader where you share own ideas.
  7. yeah you are right i also agree with you Search Faster, Better & Smarter Here! Find Trade Currencies. Web, Images & Video. Wiki, News & More. Information 24/7. The Complete Overview. Trusted by Millions.
  8. Steemit is my choice, in view that I have introduced something from it. Our selections are the same for this, but I want to pay attention different human beings's choices, is there anything else that may be useful all over again. Let me understand.
  9. i actually have by no means tried that place however I would love to contend that by using the age of 13 I do no longer suppose they may trick me. I'm interested in this. I'll strive it later on.
  10. yeah you are right i also agree with you and your openion Well this is he first time I heard about something called Bitcoin bubble. It would be really grateful if you explained more further about Bitcoin bubble. I would have gained more knowledge but that. Btw nice posting mate!
  11. i also think a splendid choice to instruct about crypto at college, particularly as data innovation should there is a conversation about digital money and blockchain innovation. if we will do it we can alot of benifits. 1. at the point when we as a whole taught about crytpo profoundly , we can safe our self by scamers, 2. we can get immense benifit and can win with exchanging and contributing with secure. 3. individuals will know the things that what is future money and how we develop with that.
  12. Today, you still need your job to be able to buy Bitcoins (in addition to your daily financial needs, of course). Earning through trading in exchanges takes time and patience, and nobody really knows when the exact time of a Bitcoin bull run will come. Until
  13. yeah you are right i also agree with you an electronic money made in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The name is also associated with open source software that he designed, and also uses peer-to-peer networks without centralized storage or a single administrator where the United States
  14. yeah you are right i also agree with you i can be an inventory group or an obligation group. Or even more specifically, the fund can be found, for example with funds comprising all international stocks. There has been a mistake. Mutual
  15. cryptocurrencies to escape the financial economic crises they had and the hyperinflation they had. It was also indicated that bitcoin was very important to be able to overthrow the government that had them under that situation
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