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  1. Yes mate I'm agree with you, If they give time to read and try to understand the flatforms rule, No need to ask help if the topic is about the forum rules. But when regarding to cryptocurrency it is more complicated and we need to seek some advice to other members.
  2. I think bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency followed by ethereum and ripple. The popularity of bitcoin still growing and the numbers of its follower steadily increase.
  3. Yeah i agree to you Mate! Do it with your own understanding dont make copy/paste or change some words of others with another equivalent meaning or its synonyms. Moderator looks at our comments and post. Don't wait they discover it and give you warning.
  4. Emotion are most of the times the reason of our mistakes in trading, Sometimes our FOMO (fear of missing out) comes and we decided to sell or trade our coins because price goes down, But when you done selling or trading to other coin, the coin you hold for a longtime goes up.
  5. I want bitcoin to rise up because I am holding a bitcoin, The bitcoin I earn in this flatform is save in my Yobit wallet. I have a target date when I withdraw it.
  6. I hope it not happen to me. Maybe if that happen you put a wrong wallet address. In my withdrawal experience in Yobit sometimes our withdrawal in Yobit are not complete the remaining is put in reserved order and you wait for an hour to complete.
  7. To avoid banned due to multiple accounts, Don't log in your crypto account in free wifi anywhere in malls, cafe even your neighbors open wifi.
  8. For now I'm okay with pay by post campaign of cryptotalk forum. Even its limited to 30 post a day my earning here is not bad. Aside from that i get familiar about cryptocurrency and also in trading coins.
  9. To create a unique topic, You should get familiar first about cryptocurrency and the basic of blockchain how it works. Make a resarch about the trading and investing. Knowing the latest issue about crypto world. Then some thoughts will come in your mind, and you can share it to us by creating your own topics. But search first if that topic are already exist.
  10. Yobit is good flatform to invest crypto currency, You have nothing to worry in this site because cryptotalk is tied up to yobit exchange for their pay by post campaign. Meaning it is trusted site.
  11. Yeah there is a big potential that you earned good profit in crypto coins especially the bitcoin, Thats why up to now im still holding on my bitcoin. It's volatility sometimes gives me confusing if i will sell my bitcoin. But i trust my plan and im with the plan.
  12. Every ones of us will go on that stage, Our private key should know by our family member. Write down in a paper and put in safety box, just in case you forgot you have a copy of your private key. Encourage the one of your family member to observe and learn what you do in investing crypto currency for him to get familiar.
  13. Even Ethereum is next after bitcoin, It is hard for this coin to reach that $8,000 for this year 2020, Maybe next year or two years more, because as of now the popularity of crypto currency is growing.
  14. The beginner guide is the flatform rules itself. Give a time to read and understand it before you make a lot of post just to reach the task of 100 free post. From the forum rules you will know what is allowed and prohibited to do.
  15. Very interesting tips, thanks for sharing that thought. Being a trader is not in a hurry. Those tips are very important to be a successful trader. The trader without of those 5 tips above are gambler.
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