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  1. Why i should go to crypto currency? Its become a future medium of exchange like the fiat currency. If you invest or trade in it, theirs a huge profit you will earn. Since it is decentralized government can't claim taxes on my profit.
  2. Of which site you can earn bitcoin? Of course here in cryptotalk. This flatform introduce to me the existence of digital coins. Molded me to become a trader.
  3. Many countries prohibited using crypto currency because it is decentralized. Since it is decentralized transaction made are peer to peer no need for middle men like the traditional bank. Government cannot claim to pay them tax.
  4. Cryptotalk pay by post campaign gives us the oppurtunity to earn and learn. We are lucky that there is a flatform like this. They Made as familiar about crypto currency. The man behind this campaign is generous. It is for us on how we used our earning and learning here.
  5. Its good to hear that one of the online shopping giant will accept crypto currency as payment, Now no need to convert your crypto to fiat currency. If that thing happens another big company will follow. Untill the whole world adopt the crypto coins.
  6. Im holding my bitcoin because I have a an investment plan. I know its too risky to hold for a long time because crypto currency are volatile. But i trust my plan and i sell it at the right time.
  7. It is possible to happen, In fact im using now my phone to pay bills, buy cellpon load, and pay for purchased item online using my E-wallet but in our fiat currency. Im holding a bitcoin and ripple to my E-wallet because i can convert there my fiat currency to crypto currency, but when use for payment only fiat currency is accepted.
  8. Investing or trading in crypto is not gambling, If you are technically skill and have a knowledge about it. Invest or trade in crypto without proper knowledge or plan is gambling.
  9. Hold for a while your 200 dollar. Get familiar into crypto coins. Learn how to invest or trade in crypto currency. Seek some advise to friend or family which is in crypto space. By that you can make a plan or strategy then invest to your prefered coin. For surely good profit choose Bitcoin.
  10. For now i may say that dollar is easier to earn because fiat money is the mode of payment if you are working in an establishment or company. The bitcoin you earn is coming only in your pay per post campaign. Maybe if you enter in crypto world and invest a big amount of fiat money for bitcoin, then it is easier to earn that 1 Btc in a right time.
  11. Before you sell your bike and buy crypto coins make sure you are ready and prepared for this crypto coins thing. Not just you heard from anyone the crypto coins will high soon. Observed first the coins graph. Crypto coins are volatile. Make a trading plan.
  12. So far cryptotalk is good for me than any social media like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. Here you will surely earn bitcoin and learn about crypto coins. I know in some social media site there is also an oppurtunity to earn and learn. But here is where I first experience the profit.
  13. Its a good reminder to those members specially the beginners who are planning to create a topic. Hope they use it as their guide for making useful post.
  14. I think you will not be banned if you open your account in your new phone. As long as the account you open is the same account you use in your old phone. The account will be banned if your are open new account in your new phone at the same time open existing account in your old phone on the same wifi.
  15. Its not necessary to give like to all members reply to your post just to please them. Give your like to those reply that is really deserving because informative and useful.
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