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  1. Though generally, there is nothing that can prove that the events between the countries, their political conflict has no effect in the movement of Bitcoin but, I could say that there is a possibility that the pump in the price of Bitcoin is connected to the events happened because, crypto currency or Bitcoin are sensetive to changes around the globe.
  2. So far, in my stay in crypto world, I don't have that huge problem about it because, it is a good opportunity to earn while also learning and sharing your knowledge. Maybe, only minimal problem is when my posts are deleted and there is no indication on what posts have been deleted.
  3. The assets addressed for me, can't be compared because, the two have their own way or characteristics that have made them able to survive in the market. Both limited resources, and is a high value asset especially now that Bitcoin has a high potential from the upcoming halving event.
  4. Indeed, I could say that this could rather be a high possibility since technology now could rather solve and sort a large amount of data. Also, normal computers could not be compared to the ability of a quantum computer.
  5. Cryptp currency really has high potential to dominate the world because, of its effeciency and accessibility throughout the world. Possible signs for this claim is the increasing adoption of different countries around the world.
  6. Yes, year 2020 have just been starting and the price is already half of your desired price. The year is still long and we know that the halving event is still due on the month of may that would greatly affect the standing of Bitcoin.
  7. Even though the price of Bitcoin or any other crypto currency in the current situation is down, it doesn't mean that it will be gone in the future. It is just normal because, the supply and demand of a crypto currency increases and decreases everyday.
  8. It would never be a good idea to invest something that you really do not own. The risk would be doubled as you are not only having risk because of investing but, also the risk of not being able to pay for your loan.
  9. Yes, I thibk he have planned it all because, referring on how Bitcoin works, we could say that it is brilliantly made and nakamoto might be a genius in it. From how the blocks are formed and mined is a proof that it will a high value asset in the future.
  10. There is a browser that pays just by browsing, I think it is called brave browser but, people says it pays a little compared here in cryptotalk but, it would be worth it if you use it long.
  11. I harvest my profits by exchanging it to another crypto currency so its transfer value is only low. Like Bitcoin, when you are directly withdrawing it, the fee is high so I first change it to xrp so the transfer fee is low.
  12. Actually, so far, only some countries have Bitcoin atm because, it is based on the decision of the society wether it is necessary to have one where they could also base from the number of people that are using Bitcoin in their society.
  13. For me, there is no way to earn money in the internet easily that is legit or true but, gambling. Win or lose for luck is what it requires, take risk for it. Big risk big reward.
  14. These days, it is observable that the potential of Bitcoin is huge that is why I could say that it migjt be greater than gold especially when the halving event is coming in may.
  15. Since, I am just a beginner here in crypto world my only investment comes only from posting here in cryptotalk, so it isn't much but, it helps me to pay for my financial needs or assistance while investing even with just small amount.
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