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  1. You should expect good results and think positive. Crypto is just digital, so remain digital.
  2. I just joined, am enjoying my stay here. For the first time, I found things difficult, but now am trying my best.
  3. Nothing will happen to mining. All I know that can happen is reducing the daily mining to about 7 BTC.
  4. Do you really want to make money on cryptotalk, then complete your first 100 post, and relax for your earning.
  5. All markets are being controlled by the force of demand and supply. So, you can decide to be a buyer or a seller. When the price is up, you sell, when the price is down, you buy.
  6. My dear, you are just joking. Do you know what is 1million dollars. My prayers is for Bitcoin to cross like $30,000. But no opinion is left out.
  7. I will say that many people are still ignorance to cryptocurrencies. Like for my country, many are now putting their left outs to cryptocurrencies and the awareness of crypto is now at a good rate.
  8. Hmmm, for the next 10 years, anyone that invested wisely, should consider him/her self a millionaire. I believe that cryptocurrencies have good and bright future dear.
  9. That because you have the time to watch all that crappy videos. Many of them don't even have good concept. I think YouTube should have some regulations for video contents. My precious time is for making meaningful realities.
  10. For me, I don't think it's good to convert all Fiat to crypto. I had this experience one time ago, when all that have was converted to Bitcoin and a need for Fiat came, then I was totally confused. So, money management is the best secret to online investments.
  11. This your question, remembered me my first experience on margin trading with bitmex. At first, I wanted to make all the money in the market until I loose all my capital. That was a huge loss to me.
  12. To find the best sites to collect Bitcoin dear, you need to be very careful with online frudsters. But I know some of them will like to collect your hard earned cash. Moonbtc, is a faucet claimer. You can give it try.
  13. This question is irrelevant, because crypto currency is here to stay. I don't think that I will stop using crypto. Atleast, if not for anything, but for my online transactions.
  14. I support the motion, because the awareness of cryptocurrencies need to be known to everyone both young and old. If the federal government of many countries will impose this as a compulsory subject to all schools, this will be a welcome development.
  15. Yes I believe the future of cryptocurrencies will be bright. Take for example, when Bitcoin was introduced to the market, no one believed it will pump so rapidly like this. Now Bitcoin is trading well more than any coin the market.
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