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  1. Earning daily from cryptotalk is just simple, to start, you need to complete your first 100 post. After that, all your post will be paid for. But remember to follow the rules and regulations.
  2. This can be a full time job, if you don't have other ways of earning. Cryptotalk has been there for many of us. The question now is, how many of us are making their efforts possible for this forum to last long?. I will personally call the attention of some scammers to stop their useless acts, and concentrate on the success of this forum.
  3. Trading cryptocurrencies is not normally considered on how long but how well. For me experience is a great teacher and for 4 years now, I have been trading and can testify good. I like making my analysis straight.
  4. Yobit is one of the best exchange I have come across. What I like about them is their instant payments and wide range of coins. You can make your decision on the coin you want to trade. I so happy with them.
  5. Among all, I feel I will go with not revealing your secrets to strangers. Before dealing with any online transactions, it is mandatory to know who you are doing business with. All this scammers have a wonderful ways to lure you to their plans. Let's always be careful, and an end to all this will come.
  6. Yes I heard about this brave browser. I downloaded it, but the features are so confusing. There is this other browser called cryptotab, after your serious efforts, you Will end up being scammed. I don't trust all this browsers, because they didn't outlined their source of income they are paying to it's users.
  7. The most majority comes from Germany, Russia, and some parts of Asia countries. With the recent awareness of cryptocurrencies, many countries are now becoming more serious in adopting means to make cryptocurrencies rain in their countries. With time, many will join the race.
  8. It is good to share what is beneficial to people. I think cryptocurrencies are beneficial, that is why I will it with my friends and relatives. Not only my so called relatives, but to the world in general.
  9. This is absolutely dangerous to humanity. Digital dusts are now the talk of the Town now, and we all need to be very careful with site we do visit on daily basis. I think the more time we say no to scammers, the better for us all.
  10. This days, registering in bounty and airdrops seems to be scams. Many newbies fall prey to this scammers. There are many ways to increase your earning power online, but you need to investigate well before doing anything with such a site or bounty.
  11. The price of Bitcoin, is determined by the force of demand and supply. For now, I think many people are exchanging their bitcoins for fiats and other coins. This can bring down the price until it stabilizes. But 2020, will show some benefiting results to various coins like the Bitcoin.
  12. Keeping or storing coins this days are not profitable. I always go for the more secured wallets, because I don't want to hear stories of loosing my hard earned coins. I think Trust wallet, is still the best for me.
  13. This forum has been wonderful to all of us. It pays fine and still gives us the opportunity to learn every day. I feel that this campaign should be forever. With time, many features will be added to the forum.
  14. I am not talking of super Bitcoin. My concern is on the part to add more development to the existing blockchain. Blockchain has been wonderful in the recent time, all we need is adding more features that will harness the smooth running of the existing blockchain.
  15. There are no such thing on the internet. Be careful not to fall in the hands of crypto criminals. That is our expectations, that one day, we will have a Bitcoin ATM Cards. But before this is possible, there must be a company or an organization to handle that like Visa and the Master card companies.
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