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  1. Heer think yobit is not a perfect account for us, we can deposit a lot of bitcoins here and with this bitcoin we can use a lot later and niguru deposits here and it will be very good for us.
  2. Yes, I think one. And I agree with your statement. Because you have done this post to make it work well and have a meal.
  3. I think the new members who are added will post well here and post accordingly and they will increase their chances of posting and try to increase their knowledge.
  4. I think the important thing here is the important things you can share with them and tell them so I think you should not tell them in such a way that they talk about it and it goes up and you feel good about it.
  5. Yes i think so And your words are full of sound reasoning. And I agree with your words.
  6. I think if you have a way to find it then you can not go to the administration of the search methods if you do not find it elsewhere in the forum you will find the answer to the question.
  7. You are right and your words are reasonable so I agree with your statement.
  8. Thank you so much for posting like this, because if you post like this, it would be good for us and try to go ahead and post here and thank you.
  9. Yes i think so Fine argument with your words. I am the same with your words.
  10. Your words are full of sound reasoning and I think with your words.
  11. Yes, I agree with your point. Your words are full of sound reasoning. I think so.
  12. I think so. The favorite posts we have. The profit or the like is given about them. It is assumed as a reporter that if someone wants to have his ID checked or exchanged, he can make it as a follower.
  13. Yes I think and I have an idea about it. Your words are reasonable. And I agree with your words.
  14. I think if you forget your password lock then you can give it the format password, but if you do not want to use your name then I think you can encrypt the password later.
  15. Yes, I think and my idea of it is sir, your words are related and I agree with your words.
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