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  1. There was one time when there were many real airdrops. The airdrops are given actually for promoting new coins. But now we are in such time where you will find almost 0% real airdrops alive. Most of the airdrops are totally fake. They never pay you anything. So just try to avoid such airdrops.
  2. Its an easy work. At first convert your btc to ltc. You will find it in the market option. Then go to the wallet. You can see positive and negative. Positive represents deposit and negative means withdrawal. Then click on negative and fill up the form. You will get it easily.
  3. i don't think that this will happen that us convert their currency into blockchain coins. Because the people of US always need money to buy something. But if the coin come into blockchain then they can not use them at time. Moreover it will make a huge bad effect in the online market. So i think it should not be held.
  4. Atique

    Wasting BTC

    You are right brother. If we look at the online crypto wallet then we can see that many of them has a minimum withdrawal fees. So after earning some btc we do not use them and thus it wastes. Beside that many of us died regularly. So it is also a reason of wasting. But i think we have nothing to do to recover the wasted btcs.
  5. In my openion the most performing coin is bitcoin. There are many coins in online. Daily many people are trying to build up new coins. Promoting them. But bitcoin is old and known to everybody. So it seems valuable to many people. So i think its the most performing coin.
  6. If we all know about crypto then the currency system will totally change. You will find everybody making their payment with cryptocoins. Everybody will work for earning crypto. Then it will be an important online based currency for us.
  7. I stsrted my journey in the cryptocurrency world 2months ago. From the first i am here in cryptotalk. I am working here from the very beginning. So it can be said that i had spent most of the time in cryptotalk for earning cryptocurrency.
  8. I also agree with you. We know that cryptocurrency is the popular currency worldwide. Most of the people know about it. So i think one day there will be some changes into the payment system that we can buy our necessary products from online by using cryptocoins.
  9. Actually till now cryptotalk do not have any official app for cryptotalk forum. I felt that we need an app. So i converted the website link into an app if you want you can use it. Hope that it will not do any harm in your account. download link:
  10. Not only you, we all are facing this problem. I am working here from last month. Till now i have faced this problem twice. But then the problwm was solved in a short period of time. But now its taking a long time. Will it be solved or not? If not then how can we gwt our earned coins.!!?
  11. Actually cryptotalk is a crypto earning forum. this forum gives you the chance to earn crpto in a short period of time. all you have to do is just make valid posts here,. then you will get 1000 satoshis for your each valid posts. you can make 30 posts daily in this forum. so start making posts here and earn cryptp.
  12. Leaving cryptocurrency is not a good desicion at all. because cryptocurrency is such kinds of currency which can make your everyday life happy and succeul. if you have a lot of cryptocoin then invest them,. hope ypu will be benifited. so lesving the crypto world is not a good desicion.
  13. its simple brother. If you want to gain reputationthen you hae to make valuable and helpful posts here. because everybody here wants to learn new topics and ideas about crypto. soo try to make such kinds of helpful posts and you will see that people will give reactions on your posts.
  14. If you really want to do this then at first you have to have a lot of cryortocurrency for investment. because if you have only a few coins then you will not get too much profit frofrom thrthrm. but if you have a lot then invest then. hope that you will get good profit everyday. so try it yourself.
  15. Skill is a very important thing. If you want to do anything and want to gain success then you have to gain skill. Cryptotalk also gives the chsnce to learn about ceypto currency. If you want to learen and earn then cryptotalk is the best place for you. so work here and start earning.
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