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  1. You are right. And this aside. So far altcoins falls in price, its price will trend up again. So, altcoin time is coming.
  2. For now, I am so happy to know and invest in crypto. It is risky but I still gain. It is the best thing I had know in life.
  3. The bitcoin and altcoins that are thought are lost are not lost, it was just hooked in an account. Exchanges and wallet try to retrieve, some are retrieved and some not.
  4. Once a coin is sent to a wrong address, the money has been list and can not be given back. Be careful not to send to a wrong address.
  5. There are many profitable coins to invest aside bitcoin. Coins like ethereum, ripple, dash, litecoin, EOS, and monero. They are all good for investment.
  6. I am holding crypto because I'd the price fall, it can still grow again and using it as means to gain money.
  7. You can easier my do that. You can transfer any of your coin including many altcoins from yobit to a wallet through yobit wallet
  8. I do not see anything that can cause the end of cryptocurrencies. Nothing can cause it in our time. It is for future because it is digital.
  9. Many youths I my country knows about cryptocurrencies, but almost all if not all our elderlies do not know about cryptocurrencies.
  10. Now, I think bitcoin can not be as low as $5000. It can not happen in history again. It will be higher than $6000.
  11. Bitcoin can be easily withdrawn from yobit by going to the wallet and then clicking on minus icon of bitcoin to make your Withdrawal.
  12. I know that coinbase now support payeer. This I very nice and many unsupported countries can use it to pay into their local banks.
  13. This is very nice to purchase video game with bitcoin. I have made man transactions using bitcoin and other Crypto like litecoin.
  14. Bitcoin earning is a full time job for me. I see pass than normal job and I made it a full time job.
  15. Investor will gain the profits. But not everyone of us will invest. The people that did not invest will deeply regret it.
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