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  1. You are right. But, no matter the manupilations, the rice of bitcoin will go bullish in some days and this will be oportunitys for pros.
  2. It is not possible for bitcoin to die. So people she not be panic. Every you said is true but it can not happen because bitcoin can only go classic.
  3. The main two factors that affect bitcoin is is demand and supply. This factors are controlled by other factors
  4. The fate of bitcoin is great. Investing in it will be profitable. Not only bitcoin but other top unstable altcoin.
  5. Betting life or not bettii g life on bitcoin. I have made more than tripple on crypto. Especially bitcoin, litecoin, dash and ethereum.
  6. I will choose bitcoin. Though, it is risky but it is also more profitable. What I can make in bitcoin in a decade i can not make it in gold in centuries.
  7. Try litecoin, dash, ethereum or bitcoin. They are all good and profitable coi n you can invested in. They are the best to me.
  8. To predict market is difficult. Just have your ways to predict it too. I know the most of the time the price of cryptography are affected by good and bad news. And you need to learn about the technical part of the market predictions.
  9. ICO is the worst. About 80% of it are scam. IEO is still better but because it is similar to ICO, no body want to fall victim of scam.
  10. We should invest now in bitcoin because bitcoin is going classic in future. That is just fact.
  11. Try yobit. They have a very good platform for trading. Try it and enjoti g your trading experience.
  12. These faucets are making things worse, they just want some people not to make payment. Why KYC on faucets?
  13. Nothing is hindering cryptocurrency at all. There will be a time of bull run and a time bitcoin will be classic.
  14. Here is paybyposts and not signature campaign. The later is for bitcointalk not here. Nothing wrong with our payment.
  15. I do not think it is good for students because they may not have enough. But if they got money to invest, there is nothing bad.
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