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  1. ERC 20 based wallets are trust wallet,coinomi wallet,imtoken wallet,metamask wallet etc.I personally used all of them.But I recommend you trust wallet and imtoken wallet if you are smart phone user.But if you are a desktop user I think metamask extension wallet can give you many features for payment purpose.All these wallets are ERC 20 supported.You can hold any tokens there,which is ERC20 based.
  2. yes friend I think this idea is innovative to protect user funds.But in this way a big sensitive user data will be locked in online platform.If this valuable information like fingerprint or bio metric identification leaked,then a big user base funds can be in danger.So if a platform give users a good security,then this idea can help users to protect their funds.
  3. deboprotap

    Trading Bots?

    I never tried such trading bots before.But I heard many platforms give us such bot trading features.Some times we are not active in crypto market.In this time if we programmed well,then bot can automatically purchase or sell a asset according our command which we can previously load.I think we can use it,with small investment amount
  4. I do not have a discord account.But after reading this helpful post I will join this channel soon.everyone wants free crypto.As I am online most of the time,I think I can get a good bounty from this platform.I already heard about such channels,which giveaway crypto to users daily.I think this system hook up users fro long term
  5. Surely we can see a big dump in our crypto market.Many people do not trust in crypto currency again.But I do not think another coins can disappear just because of that reason.Because other coins have different platforms,developer teams etc.
  6. I loved this platform.As we can receive free LBC coins just by joining and refer new friends.There we can get a new platform which can be used like youtube.We can see many video channels.Also viewers get reward in LBC coins.I think their idea is creative.So I like the platform.I will join in this platform soon.
  7. i joined many airdrop programs.But I think in this airdrop giveaway amount is big.So I think it is not trusted.Also airdrop last date is over.But such kind of telegram bot based airdrops scammed people.So we all need to investigate before joining any airdrop
  8. friend I also heard about this faucet website long time ago.This platform is legit and paying all users.So if we come after one hour for claiming free bitcoin.Then surely we can get a good benefit in long term.I liked this platform as it is trusted.Also you can get extra earning opportunity by free roll dice games in this website
  9. friend if you want to earn free coins then just click on free coins section.You can see many coins available there for free claim.Also you can earn a good benefit from yobit investbox feature.If you are good in trading.You can trade in yobit exchange
  10. Netbox coin can be earned by using netbox browser.I think this browser is available for desktop use.If you daily use this browser for your daily purpose.Then you can get a good reward just by using the browser.Also you can earn extra bonus by referring new friends.
  11. Friend after making accounts in yobit exchange and cryptotalk forum.You can easily connect them.But now new account binding in yobit exchange is stopped temporarily.So now you should wait to connect both accounts.Now you can connect with us,by posting useful contents in cryptotalk forum
  12. I think just because of low price of native tokens,we should not think the exchange website is bad.If you feel in a new exchange website you can get all features and you can easily make trade orders.Then I think we all should try new exchange platforms.I also used that exchange,I have no major issues.Also trading fees are low.
  13. That is true,But I think if in future we can trace blockchain address owner name and ip address.Then no more criminal activities will occur in our crypto economy.But now,we all should be more alert about scammers activities.
  14. I think this website support mining pools for active miners to mine crypto.I heard about this website long time ago.But I did not know properly,that how this worked.But after reading your post content,I think all interested miners get a proper direction to mine eth coin.
  15. yes friend we all need to make new post contents daily.This habit can improve our forum user experience.As more creative contents we can discuss if more post contents available in this forum english section.Russian posts section is more active than English posts sections.So we all need to make new posts here
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