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  1. The best thing is not to make such mistakes. Make one part of the capital investment portfolio of different coins. And the other part of the trade.
  2. I totally agree. We are the captain of our soul and whatever decisions that we make should be what we really want and not that someone influence us. We can evaluate and analyze things based on their experience but still the final decision should be from you as an individual. If you really feel investing on that coin, so be it. No one to blame at the end of the day.
  3. table coin already exist for example USDT and laready many more come like PAX usdc,True usd, so people will not getting worried again, as you say while bull come, people will use fiat for transaction.of course this alternatif can be accepted.
  4. Do you know why this will not be put to stop once and for all? Because, I suspect, many of these hacks do not totally come from the outside. There might be someone or some persons involved in many of these hacking incidents that are working from the inside. Of course this is just a suspicion but I think many share this suspicion of mine. A thorough investigation should be conducted with each of these incidents because these projects and exchanges are not losing their own money but the money of their investors and clients. Due punishment should be imposed.
  5. Just search in the web, but be aware. There are a lot of projects that will try to fish you, because this theme is very popular nowadays. You can even find 3-5 bounties at the moment, that are collecting funds for projects with the same purpose. (backed by gold, diamonds, real estate)
  6. Something that you should know, cryptocurrency is not a bubble as said by many people out there. The innovation is popping up and use cryptocurrency or blockchain as main system. Yeah, I think this is the reason why cryptocurrency still exist although at 2018 the price of them just slumped down just because the regulation from some countries. Regardless, the investor especially new investor who fall to scam and lost their money, I think that is their mistake we can't blame everything to the scammer. This forum have gave many thing to avoid the investor fall to scammer, actually it is simple way read the article and when you find some projects you have to analyst it and I'm sure you will be safe to scam project.Yeah, I believe there is many people who said cryptocurrency is not magic thing to make someone get rich instantly on this forum. You have to use your horse sense to analyst what project who will make you gain money and make you lose money, and lastly don't be easily fooled by everyone'...
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