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  1. Fast transaction at the moment, I did only 15 minutes today with 1sat/b , 300byte using electrum
  2. Don't do that. When you have balance on there, you have sure to withdraw it on your own wallet. On there you can't keep your private key, it's unsafe
  3. They can do that when have API from exchange, alot of wallet seen at price but not an exchange
  4. bitcoin

    Eidoo wallet

    Never heard before. I don't know what official website and what kind of wallet, can you give our detil of wallet?
  5. Bitcointalk need 10 years to be 2 Million member, so when we can get 100k member / month maybe cryptotalk Will take off more than btt
  6. they make our rich and happy. Also make bank around the world to be bankruft.
  7. to be sure to make us happy here to give some example or to do working for bounty when you already have
  8. Are you have any vouch for me, to try and want to know how legit you are
  9. I have friend as youtuber has 100K subscriber, i don't know what you offer price for it. and what kind of project you want to promote
  10. bitcoin

    Scam Warning

    please kind of proof here, example, what happen, who scamer, who scamed, amount of scam and picture screenshot will be good
  11. Wallet exchange are good for short term Investment. For along time use hardware wallet
  12. bitcoin

    Yobit Fee

    Are there KYC needed? Look like I am interesting to joining there
  13. Receive funds from where?, It's depends on blockchain transaction, when full it's need more time. I has been 24 hours received on July because that time full transaction
  14. It's depending what your purpose, when you want to invest along time best to hold on cold wallet like ledger or trezor. When you want to short, middle invesment choose exchange wallet
  15. bitcoin

    Yobit Fee

    Are withdraw on coinpot without fee?, Where they get profit?
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