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  1. Of course, I agree that any accusation against this or that stock exchange must be supported by at least some facts.� But nevertheless, no one can deny that the administration of certain people still uses its capabilities to manipulate prices on its platforms.� Perhaps this does not affect the weight of the cryptocurrency market, but nonetheless manipulation occurs.
  2. I think its a very risky decision. Selling hard asset for crypto is a decision which I never recommended. Bedside that your altcoins list is good to go. But I would suggest its better to hold 40-50% of your portfolio in bitcoin.
  3. By next year we shall see the result of the Libra development and if its going to be a successful launch, do you think one day we shall see a facebook login button on exchanges like binance? Would you login to it?� � I have seen this on websites like medium.com. Worse is taht not only binance but also kraken and bittrex�
  4. A lot of coins are like dead coins currently. There is no trading volume. Sometimes just a few dollars after some days. We can only hope that one day the trading volume is going to increase for thoses coins.
  5. f you say investors are complaining about IEO I think the problem is that they misplaced investment in a bad IEO project or were listed on a small exchange.but if you say investors are complaining because ICO is 90% correct, due to the fact that ICO's reputation has been bad and many investors have lost their investment in ICO.
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