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  1. No i never keep or stored my bitcoins on exchange, especially for a long time, it's so risky if you do that because there are so many case that an exchange turn out into scam or bankrupt. If you want to stored some of your btc, then its better to use blockchain or electrum or offline wallet.
  2. Well you can still register and use that account if pay some payment to that account but yeah it sucks when it happens to you because i also experienced that. What i hate on bitcointalk is also about merit, it's hard to get merit there. Hopefully cryptotalk don't have system like that.
  3. Well i understand why you need that so many hours to online in this forum lol. Good luck for that mate, i hope you got what you want. Actually i always here too but not much as you do.
  4. That is a nice record there, you always got 30 maximum posts everyday, that is amazing actually lol because i rarely post 30 everyday. Btw for you guys who still have a problem with payment go to the thread that OP linked and post there.
  5. We are not really sure is we are in the recovery phase or not, because i'm afraid the crypto market will fall again soon, but yeah my funds are ready to enter the market, it just about the timing to enter.
  6. I saw like more than 100 new members everyday come to this forum, that is amazing. I hope moderator and admin can control this forum and make this forum become the next of bitcointalk
  7. I know about that, only 30 posts that counted for the payment for each day. What i'm asking is the maximum post per day until you get the limited notice bro. Get it? ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. i heard that too and i heard this coin is supported by many big names but sadly i also heard paypal don't support libra again. i think facebook coin/libra will released next year?
  9. I will enter the market and hoping the price keeps increase and i cash out when i think the price will not go high anymore and then wait until the bear market come.
  10. I don't think so, dogecoin is not good for long term investment imo. Dogecoin price is not much changed because of the price of dogecoin itself is already too low. Dogecoin is good for transaction for me because of the low fee
  11. No one knows but i hope the bitcoin price can rise in 2020. The price of bitcoin is stable at $8000-$8400 right now, IF bitcoin price can hit $9k-10k in the end of the year, i think 2020 will be a good year if that happen
  12. dana33

    No payment

    I'm trying to help you kiddo. Check the link that i gave to you, there are some reason if someone doesn't receive the payment and maybe you are one of them ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. No, this 2 forums bitcoin talk and cryptotalk are not related. It's different of each other. The ranking system only have the same rank name but we no need merit and activity in this forum.
  14. There is no rules about all posts must be written in english but its useless though. I mean this forum don't have local section beside russian so it doesn't matter. This forum only have russian section so far, i hope they add more local language soon.
  15. I don't know about this rules, because i rarely post up to 30 posts per day in this forum so i never get that limited notice. I think it's better to give some explanation what is the maximum post per day for each rank.
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