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  1. No one knows but i hope it so because the last year christmas the bitcoin price is kinda go down a bit or go up a bit, correct me if i'm wrong. So it might be the same for this year too.
  2. Its already fall to $7000+ right now. Yesterday is the worst one because it's fall to under $6k, luckly the bitcoin price and crypto market start going up again slowly today.
  3. Well if america and china or one of them accept Libra, i think that is enough to make Libra become a big. If USA government approve and accept libra then it will be a different story.
  4. Like what? There is no stable coin cryptocurrency beside USDT/Tether. Most of cryptocurrency are falling down a few days ago though. That's why i turn my coin into fiat first and wait until the market go up.
  5. Yea that is true, coins that you get from airdrop mostly become a shit coin that don't have a price, even if it listed on exchange the price will be very very small.
  6. Thanks for the information man, i never create any paper wallet for bitcoin before, maybe i will try it later because of this thread and it seems the site is safety, also my pc is safe too, so i can make one
  7. Both litecoin and ethereum are a good altcoins yes i'm agree but we also need to check the market condition too. If you see the crypto market right now, it's all full red. It's better to wait first until the market cooldown.
  8. Cryptotalk signature campaigns on btctalk, not much because my rank is only sr.member. If you have a higher rank account you can earn more though, but the competition is hard to join a good campaign.
  9. Well, i will just play safe for now. Like everytime i received bitcoins or some coins, i will go directly cash it out into fiat, just to play safe because i'm afraid the price will go down again
  10. To be honest i'm afraid that it can be happen, because as you can see the price of bitcoin right now is crashing hard since 2 days ago, but i believe it will not cross under $5k.
  11. True, at least you need to make a backup about your private key, your wallet and all your important file and things about crypto. Maybe you can stored it on flashdisk or google drive.
  12. Thanks for this information. I have the same problem like him and i just counted in my profile and it seems i also need 200+ more posts to get counted again. Holy hell, that's a big amount to post. I hope admin can tell us though how many deleted post.
  13. To be honest it's hard to not get worried when the market goes down. If you are holding so many coins, you will know how it will feel, but yeah it's normal to happen and i hope it will go high again on december.
  14. You are right actually. Most of projects are not using waves platform and it makes the price of waves it not changed much. I don't know is waves still has a chance or not to go high.
  15. Well there is a news about samsung and cryptocurrency project things and it was a long time ago and i don't see any update about that until now. I don't know though is it true or not.
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