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  1. Its really funny that you guys are now spamming in this thread on this matter. 90% of you should also be banned, no personal offense, just facts.
  2. Almost the same, Spam Mega-Thread. Thank you very much in advance for closing. @epidemia
  3. Spam Mega-Thread, needs to be closed please. Not really any useful tips and far from being a real discussion. @epidemia
  4. 19 pages of repetitions, incredible really. After having closed all those threads, we should go through them anyways and delete all of those spam posts... some spammers will get mad I guess... 😄 Please close @epidemia
  5. This thread´s initial idea was not continued and after that it became a spamfest. Please close @epidemia
  6. Spam Mega-Thread, too, not useful at all, needs to be closed please. @epidemia
  7. Spam Mega-Thread, can we please have this closed? @epidemiaI will go through the gambling section now, check threads and ask you to close the threads fellow mods. We need to clean up the gambling section. First thing should be to stop those mega spam threads. This thread is also far from being any type of "real" discussion.
  8. This thread is almost the same like the other one I just mentioned, full of repetitions and also the posts completely copied and most of the time re-phrased (text spinning). Can we please have the thread closed @epidemia? Thank you.
  9. This thread is full of repetitions by now and I dont just mean the sites mentioned, but also the posts, sometimes completely copied and most of the time re-phrased (text spinning). Can we please have the thread closed @epidemia? Enough spam...
  10. The main reason I like the yobit exchange is the number of different coins and tokens but most importantly: they dont ask for kyc, which is a huge benefit in my eyes.
  11. There are far better wallets for ethereum than blockchain wallet, for example myetherwallet. Remember its never a good idea to store your cryptos on web wallets, just too dangerous for numerous reasons.
  12. eleos

    Best ERC20 Wallet

    I agree with you - mew (myetherwallet) is a great choice for eth as well as erc-20 tokens - never faced the slightest problem and very satisfied so far.
  13. Getting referrals for it and making significant money by that has become really difficult but yeah, at least they have a fair referral program.
  14. What are you talking about? A wallet has nothing to do with exchanges or withdrawal fees man but its only purpose is storage of crypto.
  15. You serious? Man, I feel for you. You are not the only one and this is the type of scam they are doing all the time. What "reason" did they gave you for not processing the withdrawal and blocking your account?
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