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  1. I think they already are dead people are just not leaving hope and still trying to raise funding. I think the concept of ICOs was never good because it wasn't regulated at all. people were just blindly coming up with anything over blockchain and raising funds and were never actually working for that idea. Moreover, most of the investors also never cared about the goals of the project. At most they were bothered about a major exchange listing after which they could sell their holding at an exponential profit. People tried to buy in pre-ico in the anticipation that listing on exchange would fetch a price close to the last selling price. So all on all ICOs are dead and maybe this would pave a path for better projects but in a different refined form where the actions of the team could be accountable.
  2. Then that is good for dogecoin, it's been here for many years and one of the old coins in the market, now it's also traded in the best exchange in crypto which is Binance and I'm glad to see some positive words from influential people and hopefully it will help for DOGE to grow.I'm holding some DOGE as it's part of the coins where I diversified my investment but from the moment I bought it, I already believe it has less potential compared to the others that I bought but honestly I'm surprise that it was able to perform a bit this year, but unfortunately I'm long term for this coin so probably it will make me hold more time before I can sell it.
  3. I also agree to have set of regulations and policies for bitcoin and other altcoins and crypto projects. This will not only build trust, but also minimize scam and thefts occurences in the crypto space. Companies that would want to launch new crypto related project would need to pass regulatory board first and have signings to further ensure consumer/investors insurance when something goes out of plan.
  4. Can someone explain what market cap has to do with the future price of coins
  5. A lot of discussions on forum are all about "what coin should I buy? Why?" Here's the opposite - I want to ask what alts you would never buy and why so.My example
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