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  1. @yazzid Please check if you have activated XLM address and open Trustline for Bonus token. Your referrals also have to do that too. i don't understand how to go it when i try to open trustline, i have this message: Erreur d'actif de confiance Compte non approvisionné
  2. i do not receive any profit except the inscrition 100$ and 2 referals!!! how to make profits?
  3. Long term investing is more profitable and has much more benefits than day trading. It is being said only 1% of day traders are successful. While in long term investing most of the people are successful if the company is sound and has a good fundamental like the debt structure, the growth, product line, management.
  4. Telegram username : @yezidbengamra Twitter username : @yezidbengamra1 ETH (ERC-20 compatible) address : 0xf6a2b6863b5622094C2EAB566fb555252E52ec80 but it is too low. 1 TKS COST $0,318018 USD So 0.01 TKS is too low
  5. ussn76xkf - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
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