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  1. The reputation of ICOs now are really bad unlike before. I do have an erc 20 tokens in my MEW but they are useless and no value. Creating tokens that are left behind by investors and the team will always become coins that have no used at all. There are thousands of erc20 tokens but only few has an impact and use and has still surviving in the crypto market. The truth is that well established coins are the main choice of most of the investors.
  2. o we don't need regulations at all and the worst part is that regulation is not going to solve anything in the way you think they are!the same scams are going to continue to happen if not more if this market was heavily regulated and people were restricted about what they could create. that would just push people into off-the-market and in shady places for trading.the solution to the problem you are concerned with is so easy! people simply have to stop giving away their money to any random person who asks for it in return for garbage.
  3. Now a days, I have observed that out of ten projects three or four are of new exchanges. At the moment there are so many exchanges available for cryptocurrencies. When we invest in other projects and its token got listed in one of the new exchange, we have to create account with that exchange to trade those tokens. Do you really think that there is a need of so many exchanges? isn't it very complicated and lengthy to keep accounts in many exchanges?Please share your views.��
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    Mobile Mining

    No there is genuine utility in this sector but in the case of alt coins, there is duplication and every project must justify itself with an effective use. � If the gamecredit doesn't have an ease of use to it that exceeds alternatives then its hard for it to make progress vs BTC which is the most secure most favoured and well known of the blockchains. � � Every project has this fight to take on, what I dont always get is the obsession with the price when its really the ability to use and circulate that comes first.Lots of game have the idea to create internal credits for users to exchange, thats a double layer of competition to take on. �
  5. Hi guys! I have an interesting idea. I think I know how we are able to stop scam in the ICO & IEO market and improve our investment opportunities.***What would you think about an ICO/IEO model where venture funds invest with you?In this model you would not need to worry about fraud, nor poor quality projects. The venture fund will select projects and choose only the most promising. They will also provide a legal framework that will protect the funds of the cryptoinvestors.The model works as follows
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