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  1. Fees aren't really a huge problem unless network congestion comes in to play. I mean on a good day sending eth is a few pennies. When the network is slammed I've gone to send I've eth, saw a fee of several dollars and basically said "damn it's not that important i will wait till traffic drops". Comparatively speaking blockchain network fees are significantly lower than trading methods of sending money. Can't remember which currency it was but if you follow whale alert there was recently a tx of hundreds of millions of dollars that was performed for a fee of a few dollars.You mentioned it yourself. Without network fees what incentive do nodes have to maintain the network and confirm transactions? Would this not undermine network security itself without a reliable backbone of block verification?If network fees are the price we pay for a transparent, global, trustless, and secure financial revolution then I'm on board. We all should be.
  2. It's not really simple as you thinking. Two or three years ago bounty project was too much trust able than now. After lot of ICO scam project it's too hard to define which on is good and which on is not. Although we all see their are lot of projects, exchanges and bounty participants came in crypto world but investor didn't show their interest at all. That's why good projects (not scam, there is much different between scam and failed project) also didn't reach there goal. So if i work as a bounty hunter with some good quality project and they didn't make their fund much then it's not come any exchange and again bounty hunters dump. Yes it's too much difficult time for hunters but good time will come for hunters though.
  3. There are dozens of projects that are claimed to be backed by real-world assets! However, there is no easy way to confirm their claim because all of them are not audited by any credible auditor. So think before you leap into such tokens so save yourself from future regrets. read the below article to know the list of some asset backed cryptos,
  4. In this kind of bad altcoin market i am still surprised that some new projects are giving out 50% price tag for their tokens, this is a project killer if you ask me, this move is only good if altcoin season is out and surging, 50percent is way too much in this kind of market we are in presently,� tell me i'm wrong
  5. Why do you have a bunch shitcoins?You must have been participating in a huge number of trash airdrops, bounties or token giveaways... Remember, it's not about quantity, but quality when it comes to tokens.The vast majority are practically worthless, just think about it. There's only around 90 cryptocurrencies with a mcap > $50 million.But there are literally THOUSANDS of tokens. Accepting tokens for payment is like accepting a handful of dirt as payment, hoping that there's some gold inside.
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