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  1. Just while the cryptocurrency industry is only at the development stage, everyone is trying to occupy a niche in this world. Since the tokens of projects that are published in the last few years are almost never used, they roll to 0 at their cost. And since the IEO industry is now, there is a chance to create an exchange and sell tokens of other projects there. This is just an opportunity to win money for the creators since the sale of tokens is made for tokens of the exchange project. So far we need to go with the flow and take money wherever they give, but from time to time everything will stabilize and I think that 99 percent of exchanges will close and only the top ones will remain!
  2. Binance bring shit to their users eating when FET = 1/3 IEO price. A lot of people have left this scam trading platform.Warning scam
  3. Wow, is this for real ? It is really awesome to see that bitconnect is back.Now I can see them again scamming so many people in one go. There would be so much of drama going around.So many people promoting it and people showing withdrawal proofs. But in the end, it didn't even matter because they scammed all of us.
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