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  1. there is no doupt that cryptotalk one of best platform in invest you can easy gain crypto by posting here..but you should make your posts contain at least 100 character and effective and obhective..then you will be paid
  2. I think crypto will take over the world.. Cryptocuerrency became very popular and famous that's why it will develop every thing in our life.. For this reason we should join to crypto world
  3. There are many advantages of cryptocurrency.. As crypto will control our future life. Also it enhance our economy and facilitate our life.. So we should try as possible to enter crypto world
  4. Digital currency like other things have advantages and disavantages so bitcoin have many riscks.. That'swhy you should be aware of scanner.. And you should have more experience
  5. No one can that alot of people don't like crypto.. I think it is a religious problem..but we should all know that crypto will take over our world and we must follow it for development
  6. In the fact i store my bitcoin for trading.. I use yobit exchange for trading.. It is a good site for exchange.. I also may spend my bitcoin in my living.. It help me in studying stage
  7. I think bitcoin are used all over the world not just in african countries because the the all economy has developed by crypto world.that's why all countries tend to enter crypto world
  8. No one can deny that cryptotalk is one of best websites in crypto world.. Why not i fon't tell my friends about it. It is a great site you can easily earn money daily.. I wish cryptotalk keep on this gift
  9. Mariam5

    Exchange Fees

    Any exchange take fees for trading.. Exchanges takes some satoshi.. All big exchanges take the fees.. But there is no problem as you just benwfit and the exchange also benefit
  10. Crypto will take over the world.. And nowadays most big organizatoins start to enter crypto world.. That's why digital currency will invade our i still keep on investing and hope to earn alot of money
  11. The walet is important for sving your crypto.. In my opinion coinpot and coinbase is one of best wallet in crypto world.. I recommend these wallet for beginners
  12. No one can deny that the crypto will take over the world.. That means a big investment is added to crypto world.. That's why you can depend on crypto for living.. But should be clever at trading
  13. Itis very easy to know who pu reputation to you.. Just you should go to your profile account.. Then you will see the reputations.. To take reputation you should make your posts and comments effective
  14. Warning points means there is a problem on your account.. That means if you received one warning point in this case there is no penalty.. But you should be careful of your posts and comments
  15. There are a big difference btween coin and toke. As coin is a currency is exist every where you can find in exchanges.. But token it just found in airdrpo and called pre currency
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