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  1. Actually it need some sufficeint rules for choose it to a full time job. I think the price should be more high like ltc and btc.
  2. You should prepare a good trusted wallet and site to buy bitcoin. I think the site should be certified by cryptocurrency. Then you can buy bitcoins there.
  3. In the cryptocurrency earing list sites the most familiar forum or site is cryptotalk. Because in this forum we like a family. So we are always helped by them.
  4. Oh, This is a very important topic for all of the bignners. I think that they should follow the instructions of the admin and follow the rules of the forum.
  5. I did not tried to kniw about it. So haven't the knowledge about this topic. I am really sorry.
  6. My last month income was 25$.I am not satisfied with the income. I think the income shoule be more.
  7. The best way to invest and avoid scammer is first you have make sure that it is secure. You should research about the forum.
  8. If you want to get good reputation then post a good topic. You can be a super creator by posting here. Many people will know about it.
  9. If someone duplicate your topic then they will be ban from this forum. You should be careful about this thing.
  10. I think bitcoin will stable in market for a long time. I think all the cryptocurrency in the world will shut down but the bitcoin will able to hlod the market.
  11. I have no idea about steem. So I think I will be not able to tell you anthing about thsi topic.
  12. Actually, almost 90% airdrop are real. We can a lot of money by joining the airdrops.
  13. I did not heard anything about it. Because online wallet is the most safest wallet in the world. So it can't be hacked.
  14. In my country alsmot 40%people knows about it. But I think the crypto ads should be more ahowed to us. Then people can know about it.
  15. There are many telegram scammers. Don't give you personal information to them. They can hack your id.
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