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  1. To use Bitcoin, start by purchasing some Bitcoins online, through a trading exchange, or using a Bitcoin ATM. Then, get a digital wallet on your phone or computer, which is where you'll store your Bitcoins.
  2. Tes i want it.I think, Every wants cryptocurrency users, if every we have an ATM nearby, we can cash our crypto with money. T This is a one in my area, i will try for sure.
  3. Games companyare really trying get setup in crypto.Many game companyare alowing crypto as their payment option others are making games that you can earn from it.Companylike Ubisoft or Epic games are already ahead of everyone
  4. Cryptocurrency made the leap from being an আচাদেমিচ concept to (virtual) reality with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009.And it wil keep growing nothingwill stop it
  5. Risk management, a successful trading system, determination, self-control, and ambition are the best friends of a trader. Here are the ...I think every trader have had this feeling once or more often
  6. What is your dream with Bitcoin !? here is my dream ! We all have dreams for bitcoin that someday we will be able to .. I wish you to reach to your dream very soon!
  7. A friend referred a young man to me, saying he might want to buy a drawing of mine. He asked how much they were, I said $20 each or two for $35. He asked if I would consider taking Bitcoin. I didn't know what it was.
  8. And I think if it continues to grow like this by 2020, then it will surpass Ethereum. Because it can goBecause now the ...which can affect the price and volume of ETH.
  9. Markets bleeding Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Markets bleeding ...t is normal economic activity.
  10. Cryptorefills allows you to buy Steam gift cards with Bitcoin. Transfer your Bitcoin into Steam instantly.I hope that in the near future bitcoin will be fully accepted in all countries
  11. Bitcoin's lightning network might have a use case beyond faster and more scalable payments, thanks to an experimental version called ...to invest in it and buy some good coins.
  12. The vast majority of crypto-wallets are not well secured, for the simple reason that their balances are too low to worry about. But even pocket-change is worth ...
  13. The price of the bitcoin fall again today and this time it is good for altcoins because even the price of this coin fall the ... we all are waiting for doge to price 10k usd withing 5 years I hope
  14. I think the future will be great for cryptocurrencies. ... Obviously we are holding coins because we wanted to earn profit ...one important part of the process to growth and mass adoption.
  15. My Bitcoin wallet has recently taken longer and longer to receive a Bitcoin payment. This wasn't happening ...the transaction would be acknowledged by the merchant in seconds.
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