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  1. It's very hard to earn BTC without investemnt. You must need invest If you want to make a good money per day. thanks
  2. I think it's "OK" they run their services. So they deserved this fees. And I also think it's not so high. If you are new then it's can be seems like a little high for you. Stay here keep posting. earn more money. thanks
  3. I will take APPLE logo. It's look so cool. But BTC is one of my lucky coin so I also love BTC and it's logo also.
  4. Thanks for replying me. Can you please share some knowledge that I can use in my cryptocurrency life. thanks
  5. Yeah. Everybody saying this. Now I am ready to invest and going to start trading. But Can you please share 'How start trading and earn money ?
  6. Thanks for replay. OK. I am ready to invest. But Where I will invest ? Do you know any place Where I can invest and can earn $10 per day?
  7. No. I don't think is Cryptocurrency is scam. But In Cryptoworld there have many scam coin/site/exchanger. So be careful before start any investing or trading. thanks
  8. I used a little bit but my experience with yobit was very much great. What a exchange site. Good site , have fast withdraw and deposit.. Great exchange site.
  9. What? Are sure.? Where you got this news. Is this verified news? Please share with the source where you got this news. I have some confusion.
  10. Before buy Please check the coinmarketcap and also the coin reputation. Do not loss your money if you don't know much about that coin.
  11. Bitcoin is gold itself. So you do not need to buy gold. You can store BTC instead of gold for future. I surely can tell you will get huge profit than gold .
  12. Wow. Very nice. If you really want to invest. I will suggest you to buy BTC and Alt coin . I hope in short future you will see your profit. thanks
  13. Use Youtube. On Youtube you will find many channel that will help you to learn about crypto currency. Then Blog/Forum is the best way to learn and earn crypto.
  14. Yes. Market is growing and will be grow in future. Coin Holder Need to hold their Coin for future. I hope profit coming to Coin Holder Who Holding BTC. I hope BTC Price will be high in end of 2020.
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