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  1. Bitcoin has many features that are better than gold, but there are still many people who do not know bitcoin. Gold is accepted all over the world and bitcoin is not accepted by the world.
  2. You can make money from cryptos, or offer your skills to be paid in cryptocurrency. Some projects are hiring staff such as community manager, bounty manager, marketing supervisor, and a lot more.
  3. amiraliko

    KYC or not

    In fact KYC is not required for cryptocurrency users and is not profitable as well, because theft against cryptocurrency is always there, and KYC does not guarantee if our crypto assets will be safe from thieves.
  4. I think there are several reasons such as the use of bitcoin is considered potentially criminal because of the possibility of using it for money laundering, terrorist financing, also non-payment of taxes in bitcoin operations.
  5. Governments scare of cryptos because such payments are extremely difficult to track and transactions are negotiated between buyers and sellers. no banks and payment systems record their personal data and do not issue at the request of law enforcement agencies.
  6. It is a secret and no one knows who is he and how he stay anonymous. We can speculate only on how and why he stay anonymous but since he is the one who create this great technology so I don't think it is hard for him to stay anonymous.
  7. Currently I really wouldn't invest heavily in cryptos, I will focus on other investment areas but will divide it into long term and Short term investment where I would put my cryptocurrency investment in my long term investment, maximum $200 monthly.
  8. Bitcoin will collapses when all people do not trust with bitcoin anymore. But I think it's very impossible, because as I know, a lot of new people come to crypto world which means they start to learn and trust with bitcoin.
  9. I hope that bitcoin price will rise because it is a happy news for bitcoin lovers. bitcoin is the most popular coin in the world and very trusted coin. Most of the people are involved with bitcoin and It is the most profitable coin than other cryptos.
  10. It's not easy to predict if what will be the price of bitcoin, but we know it couldn't stay low, and we believe that it will rise again and the price will become double at least after 3rd halvening event.
  11. Bitcoin will rise in the third quarter of this year as this happens every year and after halvening. But I hope it will rise as soon as possible because there are many holders waiting to be sold.
  12. Whale is defined by the amount of influence and pressure one has on market. Just as whales in the sea occupy a dominant position to affect decisions of other. One move from them can either pump or dump the coins.
  13. Yes, In the future we will probably have cashless world. Bitcoin is virtual currency that is ideal to compete with current payment system and money. It's already good established, you can check every transaction.
  14. If you invest in the cryptocurrency that will pump soon you will become very rich. But if you spend thousands of dollars for it. However, in most cases the earning on the crypto is a long process.
  15. I think the best time to trade cryptos is during the bull run, in that period there's great excitement. Those people participating in HYIPs and those into ponzi or other investment schemes tend to make excess profits during this period.
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