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  1. i do not use mobile app to use exchanger. because their website version is more suitable to me. there i can control my account well. but in Mobile apps it's totally different. i don't like it. but though i have to choose any one then I'll choose kucoin exchanger app
  2. yeah man many people trade with micro coin. and they are really doing very well in Crypto currency trading. they are gaining lot of money in profit by trading with micro coin
  3. nowadays we often hear that big and popular website are gone hacked. it's it really normal. i do not think so. where this many days none can do anything with their security system then now how their all security system are broken?
  4. no I also don't heard about this website before. but from your post,we can understand that there are very big and popular mining site. they mine a lot of btc, ltc,eth and others.
  5. suddenly many exchanger required kyc. but it is very irritating to me. i do not like to give kyc to anyone. it makes me disturb. but don't know why they are now required kyc
  6. I am searching this system for some days. but not getting any good website to exchange my bitcoin to e-money. so this topic is very important and helpful to me. thank you very much
  7. kucoin is very good exchanger. they are the 2nd largest volume exchanger in Crypto currency world. they have strong security system. again they have good user interface and customer support.
  8. in my opinion binance is all-time best exchanger. there you have not to face any problem issue. but now a days we are facing many problem in popular exchanger. so binance is best
  9. to know about false you can make research on that exchanger at Google or other Crypto currency forum where people discuss about Crypto currency and exchanger
  10. if you do this kind of mistake then there have nothing to do. you will lose all your money. before transfer any Crypto currency we have to be very careful with address. because it's very important in transaction
  11. in my opinion trading is better than gambling. because in gambling you can loss all your money in just few minutes or in any mistake but in trading there have no chance like that
  12. i do not think that anyone will share trading signal. because if everyone know the trading signal then none can make profit with it. and it's reveal very securely.
  13. yeah man in Crypto currency trading we should take some risk. because by taking risk we can gain good amount of money in profit though there have a chance to get loss. but we have to choose that when we should take risk
  14. in a survey, which was created to know that which exchanger demand less fees to withdraw Crypto currency is found that binance required less fees for withdraw assets
  15. to become a successful trader in Crypto currency section, you have to learn about Crypto trading well. otherwise you will make huge loss. for learning you can follow trading related website
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